Interview with: Brittany Flickinger

You may know Brittany Flickinger from the winner of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, or as a model and musician.
Brittany grew up in a small town outside Boston and spent time in the city modeling (professional model at 18). She loved singing, and writing her own lyrics. Brittany landed a gig, but that failed due to poor circumstances and left her trapped. Then, Paris’ show came on and she soon found herself the winner. There was much controversy surrounding what happened to their friendship. Since then, she has established herself as a musician and furthered her career.You can find a longer biography here:

Sarah Velasco: Alot of us know you from the winner of Paris Hilton’s BFF show, what have you been doing since then?
Brittany Flickinger: I’ve been working on real substantial career stuff since then. Working with a lot of big producers like Mark Maxwell, Printz Board, Fernando Garribay, Michael Warren, Chuck Prada, Chuck Harmony, and most importantly Wes Quinonez and planning on signing shortly with a record label to be announced very soon. I’m also writing music for other big artists…traveling around to different countries..doing shows..i actually have a few songs in Holland with dj Carita La Nina for Nike over there and all their big marathon stuff going on. It’s called “top of the world” I’m her MC and i write the vocals to her tracks. it’s all really new but i’ve been crazy busy doing it.

Sarah Velasco: What or who inspires you when you write music?
Brittany Flickinger: That’s kind of a broad question…and an even broader answer…haha – i just write what im feeling…whatever sounds good to me and whoever i’m jamming with… i think of life experiences that i have that people can relate to and put a clever spin on them or make up funny sarcastic weird twisted bitchy scenarios and turn them into a song. just pretty much anything new and more exciting than most of the vanilla stuff that’s out there.

Sarah Velasco: Any advice to people who want to be apart of the industry?
Brittany Flickinger: dont go forward to the next step if you suck. For sureee keep trying at it. Just don’t do anything you’re not ready for yet or you’ll probably ruin it for yourself and everyone else. The industry is already financially shady as it is so be sure you’re good and unique so you’re not wasting your own time or anyone elses. And most importantly DON’T TRY TO BE LIKE AN ARTIST WHO’S ALREADY OUT THERE.

Sarah Velasco: Any mottos that you use in your life?
Brittany Flickinger: Yea…tons.. usually the ones on the inside of candy wrappers. and a few i made up myself.. “Be yourself, do whatever you want.” “you have your own life to live the way you want. Why would you selfishly try to control anyone else’s?” “Don’t tell me what to do or I’ll slap you in the teeth.” “I just barfed in my mouth cus i was trying to hold in too much rude stuff.” “Giving your lunch money to the mean fat kid that smells is a small price to pay for staying alive.

Sarah Velasco: Would you ever consider being on another reality TV show? If so, which one?
Brittany Flickinger: F*** reality tv. Two of my band members are on two different seasons of the real world (Cancun and the new one thats not out yet in New Orleans) and this happened AFTER i warned them to never do it…and they still did it. Perfect.

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your fashion style, and is it a reflection or inspired by your music?
Brittany Flickinger: I just take old tshirts from my friends and cut them up into tank tops and then layer them with like..a leather jacket or even a vest and just wear jeans and expensive jewelry…mix it up. best of both worlds. foash. – mostly inspired by having to be creative and still find a way to look hot and stylish while being poor

Sarah Velasco:What can you see yourself doing in the future?
Brittany Flickinger: I’m working on a pop project right now for myself called FLICK and then after that I’m going to move forward with my unreleased DJ project called YOUTH with my best friend in the whole world and love of my life Wes Quinones. He also sings for the band Rediscover (the band that Metro Station jacked all their style and song material from) and is my partner in crime in writing and producing music so check out his stuff too. He has a lot of beyond legit stuff going on. **hi loser! love you **