Editor of Denimblog, Lorna Burford

Editor of DenimBlog, Lorna Burford has a passion for denim. In addition to being editor, she has her own blog and recently designed denim for a new company called Prima Jeans.

Sarah Velasco : How did you get this blog started? And why denim? Just because there are so many things out there, like bags, shoes, hats…
Lorna : DenimBlog actually doesn’t belong to me personally but it definitely feels like it’s my own. I have worked on it for about 2 years now. I was originally a moderator for the forum that is connected to DenimBlog and I loved helping everyone out that way. The owner then asked me to blog for DenimBlog which I did and loved and then things all lead on from there. Since I took over as editor I have really been working hard to grow the site and make it as good as possible. I hope it’s working :)
I think the reason why it’s denim is because denim is really very very important in the fashion world. Everyone wears it and everyone needs it. It’s the most versatile fabric and almost everyone lives in a pair of jeans. It’s nice to be able to share with people there is so much more to denim than just ‘a pair of jeans’ :)

Sarah Velasco: As editor, what types of things do you have to do?
Lorna : I have to do a lot actually. I have to look after the other writers, check every single post before it goes out, check it for spelling, grammar etc, schedule the days work, set up the contests and adverts for it on the side bar, post about the private sales and write a lot of content for the site, I help a tonne of people who email me everyday for jeans advice and there is a lot more than that still. But I do love every day of it :)

Sarah Velasco: Does it take many people or a team to launch this website? Or are you one of the only people that handle this?
Lorna : We do have a team. DenimBlog is pretty big now and we have a few people taking care of it. There is me, I write and I am the editor, there are 3 other writers as well as we have lots of content out each day, a manager/owner, a guy who deals with advertising etc :) I love working with all of them, they are so nice!

Sarah Velasco: Even though your website targets mostly designer denim, do you personally wear any denim that isn’t premier designer denim? (Ex: Hollister, Guess, etc)
Lorna : I actually don’t. The jeans I own are all premium jeans. I used to wear non premium jeans all the time before I got into designer denim but once I tried my first pair of Rock & Republic jeans I was hooked! There is just something about premium denim that you can’t ever leave behind. I don’t not wear cheaper jeans because they don’t cost enough money though, the reason being is it’s all about the fit and cheaper jeans really don’t fit me well at all. I do wear other denim items from non premium brands though, I have a Topshop denim vest, a Miss Selfridge denim dress and other little things. But with jeans I just can’t get any that fit right unless they are premium. If I found a pair that were under $50 and they fitted amazingly and looked really pretty then I wouldn’t think twice about buying them :)

Sarah Velasco: What things do you take into consideration before purchasing a pair of jeans? Do you have sort of a checklist that you run through?
Lorna : I always make sure they look good on the butt. If they don’t then I wont think about purchasing them at all. Denim for me is mainly about the fit, if they fit well in the legs and butt area then that’s wonderful. Then comes the wash, I have to like the wash otherwise I wont buy them either. I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to denim, haha!
I appreciate designer denim. However, there are many people that say ‘denim is denim’ and a 5$ pair of jeans is exactly the same as a 500$ pair of jeans.

Sarah Velasco:What do you think differentiates them the most? How would you be able to explain it to someone who didn’t want to believe there was a difference?
Lorna: There is absolutely a difference. The main reason premium denim costs so much is because of a few reasons. The denim they use is of high quality and comes from countries like Japan or Italy where they make the denim really strong and the cotton has been grown differently. The denim in itself is a lot stronger, more sturdy and you can just feel the quality of it compared to a $5 jean where the denim is flimsy and will rip easily. Premium jeans are also mostly made in countries like Italy, USA, UK etc and they are made with care by individual people. The workers really take care over each jean to get the pockets symmetrical, the inseam lengths exact, the fit as consistent as possible, the rivets and buttons attached in the correct places, the stitching really neat etc. You often find on a $5 jean or lower end jeans that the pockets are not symmetrical, they don’t even care where the pocket placement is at all, the threads come loose and things like that. It’s the minor details.
Also the washes, most premium jeans are hand distressed so each pair is unique and you get an amazing distressed look and they are bleached by hand and sanded as well. The lower end jeans use machines to do all of this so they end up looking not very realistic. Also the most important thing with premium jeans is they care about the fit. They really do. They make sure the pocket placement is good so it fits the butt correctly and makes it look pert, Paige Premium and J Brand are experts in this area. They also make sure the thighs fit well so they are not too baggy and not too loose.
There is so much more that actually goes into the process of making designer jeans. Trust me, if you try on a really nice pair of designer jeans and then try on a cheap pair you really will notice the difference :)

Sarah Velasco: Would you ever consider launching a denim line of your own?
Lorna : Yes, 100%! This is my dream actually :) I definitely want to have my own denim brand in the future. I have already designed my own jean for a new company called Prima Jeans and I loved it! You can see them here and I have some things in the works with another brand right now. I’m so excited :) Hopefully things will work out in the near future. I’m really trying hard to make it possible. I already have my designs and brand name etc, I’m thinking about it all of the time.

Think quick:
Favorite brands: Paige, 7 For All Mankind, Diesel and Dylan George to name a few.
Favorite cutting: Super skinny jeans!
Denim is… So versatile and so important! I love it :)
Favorite celeb in denim: Ashley Tisdale!
Biggest denim faux pas: Denim and leather chaps.

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