Trisha Hershberger

Trisha Hershberger: actress, petite model, voice over, and host currently lives in Los Angeles and does jobs for TV, film, theatre, and modeling.

Sarah Velasco: I read you are currently in California, and originally from Pennsylvania, what made you make this decision of living in L.A? Are there more opportunities you see in L.A then somewhere say, New York or Chicago?

Trisha Hershberger: There are absolutely more opportunities for Film and Television work in Los Angeles than anywhere else. New York is great for fashion, modeling, and theater. Of course, television and film work is available in other cities, but usually with less than union wages, so it’s harder to make a living, and much less of these jobs are available. If one is serious about pursuing a career in TV/Film, LA is the place to be! Plus, the weather is fantastic.

Sarah Velasco: What advice would you give to someone that wanted a career such as yourself, as an actress or petite model?
Trisha Hershberger: This career choice is extremely difficult and very subjective. First, decide this is what you really want to do and know that it is an EXTREMELY difficult road. Any art career means constantly seeking new employment, not knowing where your next check will come from or when, and being told no so many times most people start to believe it. You have to trust in yourself, want it more than anything, and constantly work to pursue your dream. Then you will be happy at whatever level of success you achieve.

Sarah Velasco: What or who inspires you?
Trisha Hershberger: Life is a wild ride in which everyone is pursuing “happiness”. Happiness is defined differently by everyone and I feel acting not only allows me a career I am happy doing, but it also allows others to experience joyful emotions when watching and experiencing it. The ability to make people laugh and cry and everything in between is a powerful thing and that power inspires me.

Sarah Velasco: Biggest challenge in the industry?
Trisha Hershberger: The biggest challenge in this industry is keeping positive. Everyone thinks their opinion is the only opinion and everyone has different opinions! It can be a messy cobweb to climb through but as long as a young performer stays true to themselves and keeps pushing ahead, good things will come.

Sarah Velasco: What sort of make up do you use on a daily basis? Does this vary if you’re going on something like a go-see?
Trisha Hershberger: I try to wear very little makeup normally: cover-up blemishes, eyeliner, blush and lip gloss are my staples. If I’m heading to a go see or audition, the casting people are usually very specific with what they are looking for. Usually I just go with my habitual makeup routine plus some mineral foundation to even my skin tone. However, if the job requires a more dramatic look, I may play up my eyes more with eyeshadow or fake lashes even. Sometimes, I might even use body makeup if its a swimsuit audition!

Sarah Velasco: What do you see yourself doing in the near future? Would you do another reality tv show? If so, which one?
Trisha Hershberger: I plan to continue working every opportunity I get! I love this business and if I can earn a decent living doing what I love, that’s all I could ever want. I would never do another reality show unless I was the Host! Haha My only experience with Reality TV was very shady. I was lied to every step of the way and not respected as a person. I feel that’s probably the way most reality television is run, so unless I’m the Host of the newest cooking show or something like that, I will always turn down reality tv.

Think Quick:
Favorite designer: I like everything from Bebe (almost everything)
I can’t leave my house without. My PDA phone
Most embarrassing moment - laughing so hard I literally peed myself
Favorite style icon – Selma Hayek is a short lady who always looks fantastic!

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