John Izzo, La Vie en Rose

John Izzo, VP Design and Product Development at La Vie en Rose answers a few questions about lingerie, trends, and his career.

Sarah Velasco: As the Vice President of Design and Product Development what is your role? What kind of things you do?
John Izzo: My role at La Vie en Rose is to make sure that the product assortment offered in our stores is always up to date with the latest trends in lingerie and swimwear. I direct a team of designers, and artists that collaborate to create the collection that is found in our stores. Once the collection is drawn, I then travel to Asia to book the production of this collection, and I, together with a team of merchandisers, supervise the production of the collection until it is delivered to our warehouse.

Sarah Velasco: Where are you from and how did you get into this business? Was this something you always wanted to do?
John Izzo: I was born in Montreal from Italian immigrant parents, and I have lived in Quebec my entire life. I studied graphic arts and happened to fall into the fashion business by accident. One of my summer jobs as a teenager was assisting a tailor, and this is how I developed an interest in the garment business. Later on, I opened a retail business as a young adult selling clothes that were designed by me and produced in a small workshop. This was really my initiation in the retail business. I was then hired by a Montreal importer who offered me a job to design their men’s collection which was purchased as a private label collection by retailers such as Eaton’s, the Bay, Harry Rosen etc. I then took over the ladies division, and created collections for some of these same retailers as well as more moderately priced collections that were offered to Suzy Shier, le Chateau, Jacob, etc.

Sarah Velasco: Any advice for someone wanting to get into the business?
John Izzo: Learn how to sew, as this is the basis and will help you understand how garments are constructed. Take the time to analyze lifestyle trends and keep track of how these trends affect the consumer. Any retail experience will come in handy and is definitely considered a plus.

Sarah Velasco: Why lingerie, and how is La Vie en Rose different from other lingerie companies?
John Izzo: La Vie en Rose is Canada’s largest specialty lingerie retailer and I truly believe that we understand the Canadian woman. LaVie en Rose offers the best assortment of European inspired lingerie designed for the Canadian woman’s lifestyle, and this at very competitive prices.

Sarah Velasco: Who or What is your inspiration? Has this drastically changed from when you first started in this business?
John Izzo: I have worked with women all my life and I have always been inspired by the needs of the women that surround me. My wife has been a great source of inspiration for me, and now that my daughters are growing up to become young women, I also create pieces based on their needs and lifestyles.

Sarah Velasco: Any mottos you go by?
John Izzo: Lingerie is to women what fragrance is to a rose.

Sarah Velasco: Why is lingerie so important?
John Izzo: Lingerie is the foundation to any great outfit. It is worn next to the skin and is so important in making a woman feel good about herself. Nothing can beat the confidence that a woman feels when she is wearing a perfectly fitted bra and panty set. Anything that she decides to wear over her intimates will look, fit and feel better. I love women who love lingerie as they are usually confident, sensuous women who embrace their femininity.

Sarah Velasco: What is in this season? And what will we see in the next season?
John Izzo: Brightly colored lingerie in fiery hues are extremely hot this season. There is a big return to romantic and feminine floral prints that look very pretty and exotic. In the coming seasons, we can expect to see lingerie that is very modern and minimalist. Also, embellishments are becoming very important and will be very visible and in demand.

Sarah Velasco: What are lingerie wardrobe staples? And what do you recommend for a special occasion?
John Izzo:
· Every wardrobe needs a smooth microfiber molded bra and matching panty
· A lace push-up bra with matching lace panty and garter belt for special occasions.
· A casual wireless t-shirt bra
· Everyday comfortable Cotton panties
· Seductive chemise and matching kimono

Sarah Velasco: How has lingerie changed over the years? What has remained?
John Izzo: Lingerie and especially foundation garments used to be beige functional garments not meant to be seen and were uncomfortable to wear. Today lingerie is fashionable, sexy and flirty and meant to be seen. For most women, comfort is as important as the right look.

Sarah Velasco: Any advice for a someone who would like to purchase lingerie for another person?
John Izzo: Do your homework before heading off to buy lingerie. Sneak a peak in her underwear drawer and know what size she wears. Use the help offered in-store by the experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. Respect her taste and buy classic lingerie pieces that she will want to wear and avoid buying ensembles that are too daring, unless you know for sure that she will appreciate the more risqué outfits.

Interview with Laura DiMarcantonio, owner of i clothing co

Sarah Velasco: As one of the owners, what is your day like? What things do you have to do?
Laura DiMarcantonio: My days are never dull.....in times when we are producing clothing I am running errands, meeting up will our local sewer and getting them any last minute items they might need. In between production times, life is a little calmer where I can live a little and start creating the following season.

Sarah Velasco: How do things become part of your collection? What sort of things do you consider?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Our site will be updated soon with the current 2011 spring summer season...

New inspiration......Season is Called "Double Happiness" Our new collection has a retro 60's / 70s feel with Asian detailing.
Every season we try to do something new, it’s all every instinctual and done on feeling or an experience I had.
Our clothing is designed and locally made, I want the customer to see that.

Sarah Velasco: How did you start out in this business?
Laura DiMarcantonio: It was fluke...I was working in the film industry working in the wardrobe department and I meet my husband who was designing for custom clients.
We made this utility apron...sound weird I know, and it took off from there... got a great response (from that) then we took it from there.

Sarah Velasco: If you weren't doing what you are doing now, what would you have done instead?
Laura DiMarcantonio: I would probably be working in film still as a wardrobe buyer.

Sarah Velasco: Who were your role models when you were growing up?

Laura DiMarcantonio: Growing up I was always encouraged to do the arts... I got the fashion bug when I young watching Fashion TV with my older sisters. I can't really pin point anyone famous..hmmmm

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your company’s style? What type of client are you targeting?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Fashion forward clothing that can be worn from work to play. My customer is intelligent, feminine but sexy, earth conscious and understands quality and style.

Sarah Velasco: What are some must-have items currently in stores ?
Laura DiMarcantonio: There are a couple of great styles that are doing really well.
Dorothy floral dress with an open back
Gem striped dress with exposed zipper
Akio Spaghetti strapped dress with paneling.
Rori Asymmetric dress with lantern skirt

Sarah Velasco: What are some colors this season and what are trends we will see the next?
Laura DiMarcantonio: For Fall 2011... which will be released in August. Colour are rich red, intense blue, and khaki olives.

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your personal style and any advice for someone looking to get into this industry?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Hard to pin- point...but i would say basics with a twist ..good accessory or bold colour. I am a tough shopper and I always try to find something unique to wear.

"blurb" of the season
Individual by i clothing co's NEW Spring - Summer 2011 collection "Double Happiness" has arrived.
Inspired by warm weather Chinatown adventures of eating copious amounts of Dim Sum and bubble tea.

Swept in eclectic shops for unique imported trinkets and treasures
Individual by i clothing co's collection naturally exudes the essence of the city; where art, culture
and energy combine.
Their modern approach to fashion is brought to life with a playful arrangement of colours and 70's sophistication.
Always offering transitional pieces that go to work or play. Fabrics range from light weight denim textured stretch bottom weights
to drapey linen-like rayon blends, matte ploy-charmause and earth friendly Tencel jersey knits. 


Style Director for Joe Fresh: Adrienne Shoom

Adrienne Shoom, lead stylist for Joe Fresh

Sarah Velasco: As Style Director, what are your roles? What is your schedule like?
Adrienne Shoom: As the style director for Joe Fresh, I have a busy schedule. I style all the of the looks for the campaigns, in store signage, look books and TV. I go back and forth between New York where we shoot our campaigns and Toronto where our head office is. If I’m not on set at an actual photo shoot, then I’m doing anything from visual research of runway trends and street style trends, to trend reports to organizing (and re-organizing!) samples and preparing for our next shoot.
Sarah Velasco: How did you become a stylist? Have you always been into fashion?
Adrienne Shoom: My BA is actually in Criminology, but I’ve always been into fashion and worked in the industry all throughout school. I worked at Club Monaco on Queen Street from Day 1 which is where I met Joe for the first time. I even remember what I wore! A turquoise crested Club Monaco shirt with chinos and oxfords. I started out in retail sales and then left to assist for my friend Susie Sheffman (who is the current Fashion Direction at FASHION Magazine). After starting as a fashion assistant at Flare and working my way up to Fashion Director ( I was at Flare for 15 years!), I decided I wanted a change – so I left to freelance as a stylist.
Sarah Velasco: Any advice for people who want to become a stylist?
Adrienne Shoom: On the job experience and internships are really important – and assisting a stylist is the best experience you can get. Obviously a love of fashion is a must - and a fashion education is great too!
Sarah Velasco: What draws you to Joe Fresh?
Adrienne Shoom: Joe himself, was and continues to be, the biggest draw. He’s a brilliant creative mind, designer and a great businessman. I was attracted to the Joe Fresh aesthetic – clean, modern classics that get updated each season.
Sarah Velasco: What is your vision? How does this vary from season to season?
Adrienne Shoom: The Joe Fresh vision – great style for a great price!
Sarah Velasco: What trends are coming up for summer, and what will we see Fall 2011?
Adrienne Shoom: For summer, head-to-toe white, new neutrals and shine and sequins are important. For Fall 2011 you can expect everything from bright colour to minimalism to a 70’s vibe.
Sarah Velasco: What are must have items for this season? What are top five clothing essentials to buy for summer?
Adrienne Shoom:
1. White wide leg pant
2. Striped tee
3. Coloured jeans
4. Strapless jumpsuit
5. Denim wedge

Sarah Velasco: What do you recommend for rainy days? How does one dress warm and for rain yet still look trendy?
Adrienne Shoom: A Joe Fresh trench coat with a Joe Fresh wellie!


Model: Bea Santiago

Height: 5'8
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: 35” US
Size: 2-4US
Shoe Size: 8.5 US

Bea Rose (Santiago) was born in Philippines. When she was 16 she flew to Canada a year after she signed contracts with Ford Models. Bea was with Ford for 3 years but with that in addition to going to a regular school, modeling affected her grades due to the hectic schedule. Bea continued modeling and took a year off after high school. By first year university, she stopped modeling. Shortly after that year she signed with Elite model management.
Bea has been seen in L’Oréal fashion week, LG fashion week, and Aritzia runway/online. She has also had appearances three times in Glow, Fashion, Viva, and Anokhi magazines, Sears, The Bay, Zellers, and numerous commercials.

Sarah Velasco: How old are you and where are you from?
Bea Rose: I am 21, (and was) born in Manila Philippines. Bea Rose is my model name but I use also Bea Santiago too

Sarah Velasco: How did you start modeling?
Bea Rose: When i was 17, my mom sent my pictures for fun to ford models website.

Sarah Velasco: What was your first big break in the industry?
Bea Rose: My first big break was the 3- page beauty shot for Glow Magazine

Sarah Velasco: What has been your favourite job so far?
Bea Rose: My favourite job so far was when I visited Tokyo and stayed 2 and a half months there. It was amazing, beautiful place and friendly people.

Sarah Velasco: When you’re not modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
Bea Rose: I currently go to York (University) as a communications student and I work part-time (as a) sales associate.

Sarah Velasco: What do you do whenever you have free time?
Bea Rose: Whenever I have free time I go to the gym or shop.

Sarah Velasco: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Bea Rose: 10 yrs from now, I see myself being busy with non model related jobs. I wanted a career in PR so I think I will be active in the fashion world.

Sarah Velasco: What’s your favorite snack?
Bea Rose: My favorite snack is Activia or coffee. I need it to study

Sarah Velasco: Any advice for people wanting to pursue modeling?
Bea Rose: My advice for the new models, save your money. Save save save and always remember who you are. Remind yourself that no matter what school first then modeling

Short answers:
Favorite Model: Coco Rocha
Favorite celeb style: Miranda kerr. she has an awesome casual, girly but still very modely-kinda-attitude- wardrobe
Favorite fashion magazine: Vogue, a go to magazine to know the latest fashion and top models
Favorite beauty item: favourite beauty trend is my Cetaphil moisturizer. I think its affordable and does amazing results!


Raphael Tomaszewski, Senior Designer for the Dynamite Brand Interview

Honesty, ownership, passion, excellence, and teamwork are words that guide the Dynamite Brand’s success. Raphael Tomaszewski, Senior Designer for the Dynamite Brand kindly took the time to answer a couple questions.

Sarah Velasco: As Senior Designer for Dynamite, what types of things do you have to do?
Raphael Tomaszewski: Multitask! Creation of collections and mood boards; style, color and print research. Sketching and fitting of garments. Managing the team of junior and technical designers and maintaining a close collaboration with the buying team in order to meet our deadlines so the collection hits the stores on time.

Sarah Velasco: Could you tell us where you're from and how you got started? Have you always wanted to be a designer? Raphael Tomaszewski: I spent my childhood in Poland and I graduated later on from LaSalle College, in Montreal. I grew up spending a lot of time in my grandmother’s fabric store and my mom had a small fashion company that she ran straight out of our house. I was fascinated with fashion from early on and always wanted to be part of this particular world.

Sarah Velasco: From your experience, what would you say are some positives and negatives of being a designer? Raphael Tomaskewski: It is always thrilling to see someone wearing a piece that I designed and worked on. What I find difficult, sometimes, is to compromise my vision and ideas.

Sarah Velasco: What would you say is the most important lesson you have learned in your life as a designer, and how do you apply it to this art form? Raphael Tomaszewski: Thinking of the clients/women I design for. What are their needs and desires; what do they want to look like. It helped me to stay focused and to adapt my design aesthetic, especially when creating for a big scale retailer such as Dynamite.

Sarah Velasco: This is a broad question, but who or what inspires you when you design? Raphael Tomaszewski: As much as we have a chance to travel the world, work with wonderful research tools, such as trend books and specialized websites, sometimes the best inspiration can come from our immediate environment, such as great work colleagues who are passionate about fashion.

Sarah Velasco: What makes Dynamite different from other companies? Raphael Tomaskewski: Firstly, Dynamite, as a fashion company, recognizes the importance of designers. Our designs are always trend aligned yet adapted to our loyal client to fit her lifestyle which includes work, casual weekends and nights out. We create basics all the way to fashion pieces, at affordable prices. Through our marketing and visual, we always project a positive, approachable and naturally sexy aura.

Sarah Velasco: What happens behind the scenes (things that shoppers do not know from going in a Dynamite store)? What goes into each collection every season? Raphael Tomaszewski: A lot! Each collection and season is a group effort and a collaboration between various departments, such as planning, merchandising, pattern and fit, import, graphic design, marketing and visual.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any particular trends for summer? What will we see for Fall 2011? Raphael Tomaszewski: For summer, every girl should own a chiffon buttoned up blouse in solid color or printed motif. It is a great versatile piece to wear to work with pants, or out on town with shorts or a mini skirt and jewellery. A long dress is a must! For fall, look into a great long blazer to layer over dresses and pants. Look into getting a new PU jacket with a shearling collar. A touch of animal print in your wardrobe is also a must; try a snake skin or cheetah print dress/blouse or simply a bag.

Sarah Velasco: What advice would you give people who want to be a fashion designer?

Raphael Tomaszewski: Roll up your sleeves to work hard! I think being passionate about fashion is the key to being successful.



Interview with Editor of Denimblog: Lorna Burford

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into denim? Why do you like it so much?
Lorna: I don't exactly remember when I got into denim, I have worn it for a very very long time, I have baby pictures of me in jeans and in dungarees, it's pretty much always been a part of my life and I love the fabric. It's so durable and practical. I think I was around the age of 15 (I'm 22 now) when I started to get interested in premium denim though, I took a liking to some brands like Rock & Republic and Yanuk to begin with. I remember falling in love with the crowns that Victoria Beckham had designed for Rock & Republic and it escalated from there. I can't explain exactly why I like it but I am just obsessed with it. Like some women are addicted to shoes or bags, I have a denim addiction and just seeing a perfect jean with a beautiful wash makes me go crazy for them. Although I do actually have a shoe and bag addiction as well!

Sarah Velasco: What have you been up to since the last time? I remember you telling me you recently did a collaboration with Paige Premium.
Lorna: I did! Paige asked me about a year ago to do a collaboration with her and it was a dream come true! I've been friends with her for a long time and look up to her so it was such an honour to be a part of designing a pair of jeans for her brand! We actually designed a wash called the Lorna and it comes in 5 cuts. It's due to be released this month actually so keep an eye out for it! I'm so excited. That's the biggest thing I have been up to otherwise I am still happily writing for DenimBlog and I created my own personal blog too which I have explained more about at the bottom of this interview. I've also been attending press days and events in London and still obsessing over denim!

Sarah Velasco: What has changed since last year? What denim trends have fallen out of style, and what is currently in style?
Lorna: The boyfriend jeans have taken a back seat at the moment actually, they are definitely no where near as popular as they used to be. They got taken over by the ever popular jeggings, which I adore, then the cargo leggings/ cargo skinny pants, and most recently 70's style has come back in full swing, the flares and bell bottoms are really hot right now!

Sarah Velasco: Do your denim choices differ throughout the year? If so, how? (other than shorts in the summer!)
Lorna: They do! I change my mind constantly so one month I could be loving the darker blue washes and then the next month I am obsessing over the light blue distressed washes. Sometimes I feel like wearing skinny jeans, which is most of the time, but I like to change it up to flares sometimes or boyfriend jeans. I really go with whatever I feel like wearing and whatever I love. I like to wear what suits me and what reflects my mood the most :)

Sarah Velasco: If you could only have one pair of jeans as a wardrobe staple, which brand and what cutting would you recommend? Why?
Lorna: Wow this is such a hard question which I actually find impossible to answer. I'm ashamed to admit I have around 180 pairs of jeans so picking just one pair would be so tough. For brands I think now, currently at this moment, it would be between Paige or J Brand. I practically live in the Paige Verdugo jeggings but I adore the classic 910 skinny cut from J Brand. These 2 jeans would be based on fit but I honestly couldn't answer for washes. That's way too tough!
If I was answering this question for someone else though, I definitely recommend owning a plain dark wash pair of skinny jeans. They are the perfect and most versatile jean and they work for any body type depending on what you pair them with. They are just classic and you can't go wrong with them.

Sarah Velasco: Can you give our readers advice on washing premium denim and how it differs from washing any other clothing? What changes if it’s not washed properly?
Lorna: Always read the care instruction on the label, as with any garment and it will tell you how to be washed. The main thing with premium denim is to wash it on a lower heat and don't tumble dry on high, this not only shrinks the jeans but can ruin the elasticity in the denim which will make them start to fit awkward and eventually become saggy. In general though it's not a really big issue about how you wash them, as long as you are not manhandling them and scolding them etc you should be just fine.

Sarah Velasco: Tell us more about your personal website, what inspires you and what advice would you give to anyone that would want to do their own?
Lorna: My personal website is Raindrops of Sapphire and it's my own blog where I post my personal style and all things that I love. As much as I love denim, I do adore everything else fashion so I wanted another outlet to share with readers other parts of fashion and my style. It's just over a year old now and I love being able to write for both blogs. I'm definitely inspired by other peoples looks, I might see a pair of trousers on a girl and think wow those are nice and then start thinking of outfits in my head which would go with them. I'm also inspired by nature a lot, the colours and the textures. I get inspiration from everywhere really. It's hard to pinpoint just one thing. My advice I would give to anyone though is do it, don't be scared, having a blog is something personal and it's fun to be able to share things with readers, have a voice and interact with people online. Just make sure you have something unique to interest people :)

Short answers:

Favourite Brand: Paige (and no I am not being biased, she makes wonderful jeans :D).
Top denim trend: Jeggings.
Favourite jeans of the moment: Paige Verdugos in June Lake for practicality or AG Stilt jeans in 18 Years Damaged for the wash.
Favourite celeb in denim: This is tough, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham or Zac Efron.
Your go-to denim store in the UK: Oooh I don't have one really, I shop most my jeans from the US but I would pick Donna Ida, Trilogy, Coggles or Net-A-Porter :)

You can visit Lorna's blog here, as well as Denimblog to see current trends and celebrity style


Interview with Sonia Zarbatany, VP of Sales and Marketing for B. Makowsky

Sonia Zarbatany, VP of Sales and Marketing for B. Makowsky

Since 2006, B. Makowsky has created a name for itself in the fashion industry. Providing handbags and shoes, this brand beautifully represents classic and timeless designs that can appeal to any age group. I was lucky to have Sonia Zarbatany, VP of Sales and Marketing Zarby inc.answer few questions about this brand.

Sarah Velasco: As the VP of Sales and Marketing of B Makowsky Canada what is your role? What types of things do you do? 
Sonia Zarbatany:When managing seven handbag brands and two footwear lines my role is constantly changing. My days consist of building sales, managing major accounts and all sales reps across Canada and the U.S. I must travel to select every new collection, take care of purchases, new brand acquisitions, trade shows, TV appearances and assist in building our e-commerce platform. I have never done the same things two days in a row or spent more than two weeks without booking a plane ticket. I’ve always believed that when you love what you do it never feels like work, every morning I wake up looking forward to the day ahead. I love this industry!

Sarah Velasco: What things happen behind the scenes? Things that shoppers would not know from shopping in a store. (How do you choose the collection every season, what is entailed in buying the collection every season etc)
Sonia Zarbatany: We ship monthly deliveries for each of our handbag brands, our consumers keep going into the stores every month to get the latest handbag. Therefore, we do not do repeat business, once a style is sold-out you will never see the same B.Makowsky bag in the future. For the B.Makowsky brand, I go to New Work for market week every three months to preview and buy the next collection. I forecast what will be sold in Canada and the U.S independents and buy every bag at least six months in advance.
The B.Makowsky collection is on point with the latest trends straight from the runways. This handbag collection is bought and sold to the customer the same way a high end fashion brand launches their runway collection. Every major customer from North America and every distributor around the world meets in our 90,000sq ft showroom in New York to see what the customer will buy six months before it hits the stores

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this business? And what draws you to B Makowsky?
Sonia Zarbatany: I was raised in this business. My father has been in the distribution and licensing business for over fifty years and he believed I had to learn every step of the business from the ground up. He used to tell me "You can't teach a sweeper how to sweep if you haven't swept yourself". I graduated with a management degree and throughout my school years, from elementary school on, I remember going straight to the office from school. I had to be the first one in and last one out of the office. When I graduated I wanted to explore my own career path and moved to the U.S. for six years. I lived in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York and became a public speaker and life coach. But, the fashion industry, my family business, my family and Montreal were always in my heart, so I moved back to Montreal to build the business and got back into the fashion industry. We first acquired the Kathy Van Zeeland brand then B.Makowsky and now Chinese Laundry and the list of brands keep getting longer. I love the accessories business, shoes and handbags are the perfect commodity for every woman. We have the best team working with us and I surround myself with family, employees and sales reps that all share the same passion and are the very best assets to the success of the business.

Sarah Velasco: How does B Makowsky differ from other brands?
Sonia Zarbatany: B.Makowsky's success stems from the quality and craftsmanship of the handbags. Crafted from supple leathers, sleek hardware and timeless designs, B.Makowsky bags prove that high style and practicality blend together beautifully. The color palette ranges from metallics, pastels, bright beautiful colours and neutrals according to the latest trends of the season.

Sarah Velasco: What are the current trends going into summer, and what will we see fall 2011?
Sonia Zarbatany: COLOUR!!!!! Bright beautiful structured bags are the definite summer trend. Put away your basic black and brown bags and invest in a B.Makowsky metallic, bright color or camel color which accessorises perfectly with anything from a dress to a more casual look. Cross bodies are still the perfect "it" bag as they allow your hands to be free. Whether with a detachable strap or not, your options to be in-style with the latest fashions are almost endless! Structured bags are everywhere, it's a classic that B.Makowsky uses throughout the collection to complete the classic look.
As for what is coming up in fall, the framed bag is a huge trend. The trendy piece: the ladylike, feminine framed bag that is structured and clean. The rectangular form takes on a 70's look. B.Makowsky incorporated this trend into a nice mix of shinny looks and you can also see a few printed bags like leopard and snake-like ones. Animal prints are still very much on trend.

Sarah Velasco: Where can B Makowsky be purchased in Canada?
Sonia Zarbatany:We have our dedicated exclusive space in thirty The Bay stores across Canada; we are available at Browns, Freedmans, LE Locale and countless better independent stores across the country

Sarah Velasco: Can you give our readers tips on keeping their handbags from wear and tear? What should be done, or what products should be used?
Sonia Zarbatany:It's important to put your bag on a table and not on the floor. We provide a felt bag with every B. Makowsky handbag and recommend that you always store your handbag in this protective cover. Another great tip is to never leave your bag in direct sunlight and away from heat sources! If you wish to apply an over the counter leather treatment, it can help to prevent transfer and stains. These tips can help you to keep your B.Makwosky leather bags for a long time and take great care of them.