Interview with Laura DiMarcantonio, owner of i clothing co

Sarah Velasco: As one of the owners, what is your day like? What things do you have to do?
Laura DiMarcantonio: My days are never dull.....in times when we are producing clothing I am running errands, meeting up will our local sewer and getting them any last minute items they might need. In between production times, life is a little calmer where I can live a little and start creating the following season.

Sarah Velasco: How do things become part of your collection? What sort of things do you consider?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Our site will be updated soon with the current 2011 spring summer season...

New inspiration......Season is Called "Double Happiness" Our new collection has a retro 60's / 70s feel with Asian detailing.
Every season we try to do something new, it’s all every instinctual and done on feeling or an experience I had.
Our clothing is designed and locally made, I want the customer to see that.

Sarah Velasco: How did you start out in this business?
Laura DiMarcantonio: It was fluke...I was working in the film industry working in the wardrobe department and I meet my husband who was designing for custom clients.
We made this utility apron...sound weird I know, and it took off from there... got a great response (from that) then we took it from there.

Sarah Velasco: If you weren't doing what you are doing now, what would you have done instead?
Laura DiMarcantonio: I would probably be working in film still as a wardrobe buyer.

Sarah Velasco: Who were your role models when you were growing up?

Laura DiMarcantonio: Growing up I was always encouraged to do the arts... I got the fashion bug when I young watching Fashion TV with my older sisters. I can't really pin point anyone famous..hmmmm

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your company’s style? What type of client are you targeting?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Fashion forward clothing that can be worn from work to play. My customer is intelligent, feminine but sexy, earth conscious and understands quality and style.

Sarah Velasco: What are some must-have items currently in stores ?
Laura DiMarcantonio: There are a couple of great styles that are doing really well.
Dorothy floral dress with an open back
Gem striped dress with exposed zipper
Akio Spaghetti strapped dress with paneling.
Rori Asymmetric dress with lantern skirt

Sarah Velasco: What are some colors this season and what are trends we will see the next?
Laura DiMarcantonio: For Fall 2011... which will be released in August. Colour are rich red, intense blue, and khaki olives.

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your personal style and any advice for someone looking to get into this industry?
Laura DiMarcantonio: Hard to pin- point...but i would say basics with a twist ..good accessory or bold colour. I am a tough shopper and I always try to find something unique to wear.

"blurb" of the season
Individual by i clothing co's NEW Spring - Summer 2011 collection "Double Happiness" has arrived.
Inspired by warm weather Chinatown adventures of eating copious amounts of Dim Sum and bubble tea.

Swept in eclectic shops for unique imported trinkets and treasures
Individual by i clothing co's collection naturally exudes the essence of the city; where art, culture
and energy combine.
Their modern approach to fashion is brought to life with a playful arrangement of colours and 70's sophistication.
Always offering transitional pieces that go to work or play. Fabrics range from light weight denim textured stretch bottom weights
to drapey linen-like rayon blends, matte ploy-charmause and earth friendly Tencel jersey knits.