Model: Bea Santiago

Height: 5'8
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: 35” US
Size: 2-4US
Shoe Size: 8.5 US

Bea Rose (Santiago) was born in Philippines. When she was 16 she flew to Canada a year after she signed contracts with Ford Models. Bea was with Ford for 3 years but with that in addition to going to a regular school, modeling affected her grades due to the hectic schedule. Bea continued modeling and took a year off after high school. By first year university, she stopped modeling. Shortly after that year she signed with Elite model management.
Bea has been seen in L’OrĂ©al fashion week, LG fashion week, and Aritzia runway/online. She has also had appearances three times in Glow, Fashion, Viva, and Anokhi magazines, Sears, The Bay, Zellers, and numerous commercials.

Sarah Velasco: How old are you and where are you from?
Bea Rose: I am 21, (and was) born in Manila Philippines. Bea Rose is my model name but I use also Bea Santiago too

Sarah Velasco: How did you start modeling?
Bea Rose: When i was 17, my mom sent my pictures for fun to ford models website.

Sarah Velasco: What was your first big break in the industry?
Bea Rose: My first big break was the 3- page beauty shot for Glow Magazine

Sarah Velasco: What has been your favourite job so far?
Bea Rose: My favourite job so far was when I visited Tokyo and stayed 2 and a half months there. It was amazing, beautiful place and friendly people.

Sarah Velasco: When you’re not modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
Bea Rose: I currently go to York (University) as a communications student and I work part-time (as a) sales associate.

Sarah Velasco: What do you do whenever you have free time?
Bea Rose: Whenever I have free time I go to the gym or shop.

Sarah Velasco: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Bea Rose: 10 yrs from now, I see myself being busy with non model related jobs. I wanted a career in PR so I think I will be active in the fashion world.

Sarah Velasco: What’s your favorite snack?
Bea Rose: My favorite snack is Activia or coffee. I need it to study

Sarah Velasco: Any advice for people wanting to pursue modeling?
Bea Rose: My advice for the new models, save your money. Save save save and always remember who you are. Remind yourself that no matter what school first then modeling

Short answers:
Favorite Model: Coco Rocha
Favorite celeb style: Miranda kerr. she has an awesome casual, girly but still very modely-kinda-attitude- wardrobe
Favorite fashion magazine: Vogue, a go to magazine to know the latest fashion and top models
Favorite beauty item: favourite beauty trend is my Cetaphil moisturizer. I think its affordable and does amazing results!