Designer for Costa Blanca: Janet Kim

Janet Kim, designer
Costa Blanca's official website.
Sarah Velasco: Can you please tell us a bit about Costa Blanca? When did the company start, by whom?
Janet Kim: Costa Blanca started in 1995 from a single boutique by Arif and Lupe Noor. It is driven to target the contemporary woman who is savvy and forward in trends whilst maintaining a career-attire with a mix of sexy and chic.

Sarah Velasco: How is it linked to Urban Behavior? Are there any differences?
Janet Kim: We are structured within the same parent company CMT-Clothing for Modern Times. Urban Behavior gears towards the younger contemporary market mixing in playful, hip and cool; while Costa Blanca focuses on a lustrous and stylish expression for the contemporary woman.

Sarah Velasco: How long have you been a designer for this company and what is your schedule like?
Janet Kim: I joined the company in March 2011. My main duties here as a designer is to focus on the creative process which entails continuous sourcing, researching, shopping and designing ensuring the items fit in well with the existing Costa Blanca customer.

Sarah Velasco: What goes in to designing items for Costa Blanca? Does your team have a specific style in mind for what women you target? (ex a businesswoman, teenager, etc)
Janet Kim: With our target customer profile intact, she leans more towards a young and attractive professional. She wants to be noticed, as well as looked to for inspiration within the fashion world. Thus, we are persistently looking towards new and updated ways in how to keep the Costa Blanca woman ideal and modernized by providing her with the latest trends and must-haves.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this business? Was it always your dream to be a designer?
Janet Kim: Upon graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design & Illustration, I have been working for the past 9 years in design for the contemporary market. As I recall sitting through elementary school classes daydreaming about a garment and the 100 different ways I can remake it while sketching amateur fashion dolls, I must admit and as cliché as it sounds, this is in fact a ‘dream come true’.

Sarah Velasco: What trends are in right now, and what have fallen out of style since the beginning of 2011?
Janet Kim: Trends that are currently thriving are relatable to tribal with an ethnic influence. As a result, the native Indian persuasion has taken on its course with a touch of Western influence. Prominent staples such as the harem look we were noticing in the recent past has fallen away from the eastern traits, whereas, now East Asia trends are robustly combining its dissimilar unique sense of attire.

Sarah Velasco: What will we see next collection?
Janet Kim: Fashion has become dramatic, illuminating and mischievous. A powerful era of the late 60’s and 70’s with silhouettes becoming long, wide and open portraying motifs as balloon-like. A great portion of fabric yardage is being used for a more dramatic effect in both strong and unique solid colors, as well as striking prints. In order to keep to our future, a reflection of the 90’s is here to stay centralizing its edge. Classicism will always reinvent itself keeping inspiration from the 30’s-40’s essential for a lady-like appeal. With creative ideas in place to move forward with our past, it leaves for a fun mix of dress-up.