Garage clothing designer: Rébecca Gaudreault

Sarah Velasco: What should readers know about Garage?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Every piece is made with style, love and care.
Sarah Velasco: If you could sum up in a few words, the vision of the company, what would you say?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Building strong seasonal collections that reflect the current mood, staying on trend while satisfying everyday need.

Sarah Velasco: What is the process in getting out the clothes each season?
Rébecca Gaudreault: The design team is in constant search of impulses; a variety of inspiring items from all over the world are collected and brought to the Montreal head office. For each new season, we are putting all these items together and brainstorming around them as a group. From there we start building the story we want to tell our customers in store, what are the key outfits, the colors, the accessories & the must have items! The Garage DNA, Casual & effortless with a spicy twist, need to be visible in each garment we design.

Sarah Velasco: Since you began working at this company, what has been the biggest change you have seen?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Explosion of social medias & communication technologies! Defining and implementing social media strategies became a key issue for the fashion and retail industries. Especially for our market. Social media plays an important role in consumers behavior with websites like facebook, Twitter, Youtube & all smart phone applications... All these new technologies & influences are changing the way we shop and will continue to evolve in the next decade.

Sarah Velasco: What has been Garage Clothing's greatest achievement thus far?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Succeeding & growing in the U.S market. To be able to see a Canadian Brand expand worldwide & be a part of it is exciting.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this business? Has this always been your goal?
Rébecca Gaudreault: I studied Fine arts at first. I have tried many media; painting, photography, cinema... Fashion just happened to be the best way to express myself.

Sarah Velasco:What is the most challenging thing about being a designer?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Creating an original commercial product. In the fashion industry, everyone sort of copies each other. There are such strict guidelines to these trends; I think finding new inspiration and developing out-of-the-box ideas is a lot more difficult. Being able to make that emotional connection, where enough people would want to follow, that is totally different then just following a trend.

Sarah Velasco:What fashion trends do you feel are the most prominent at the moment?
Rébecca Gaudreault: I love the nautical look with all the stripe combinations and how it is evolving to color blocking. It is fun, optimistic and easy to understand! Print & pattern mix & match is also one of my favorite growing trends, but you have to follow some rules to avoid fashion disasters! You can mix busy prints within the same color palette or play bold colors with same scale simple patterns like stripes & dots.

Sarah Velasco: Can you give readers some advice if they want to get into this business?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Never think you have made it—never sit still, never sleep and never get lazy. The fashion business is constantly evolving. If you sit back and relax for one minute you will miss something—maybe a new fabric, new silhouette, new market, new magazine—who knows? Every day brings new opportunities.

Sarah Velasco: What requirements do you need to intern at Garage?
Rébecca Gaudreault: Have a point of view; bring value and a multi-discipline knowledge.