Interview with Lululemon

Sarah Velasco: What trends are happening now at Lululemon, and what are some must-have items for this summer?
Lululemon: We are continuing to surprise and delight our guests with fun patterns, bold colours and new styles this summer. We are super excited about our UPF product; these are tops with built in UPF sun protection so our guests are protected when they are outside during the summer months - it's like wearing sunscreen you can't sweat off!

Sarah Velasco: What will we see Fall 2011?
Lululemon: With function as our top priority, we are excited about moisture-wicking, seamless fabrics, built-in reflectivity, silver technology, bright colors and beautiful prints for Fall 2011.

Sarah Velasco: How has Lululemon changed over the years? What has stayed the same?
Lululemon: Lululemon was founded in 1998 and has experienced incredible growth over the past 13 years; we’ve grown from having one store which opened in 2000 in the Vancouver neighbourhood called Kitsilano to now having 142 stores in Canada, the United States and Australia. Although the size of our company has changed, our mission remains the same: we create components for people to live a long, healthy and fun life. Our focus is on innovation and providing best-in-class technical product based on feedback we receive from our guests.

Sarah Velasco: What makes it different from other brands?
Lululemon: Lululemon athletica creates yoga-inspired athletic apparel for both women and men. Our four pillars are our major points of differentiation: i. Technical Product; ii. Cool Stores; iii. Community; and iv. Our People.

Sarah Velasco: Who designs the garments? How are the collections put together?
Lululemon: Our product is created by an amazing and talent design team led by Sheree Waterson, EVP, General Merchandise Management. This team is dedicated to pushing the design envelope every season to bring our guests the most beautiful and functional athletic apparel possible.

Sarah Velasco: Why is Yoga so important? What should one do if they want to start?
Lululemon: We believe that by practicing yoga, you can remain physically active in sports as you age. All lululemon locations host weekly complimentary in-store yoga classes. These classes are taught by local yoga instructors and are suitable for all levels.

Sarah Velasco: What things at Lululemon should we expect to see in the near future? (campaigns, designs, changes etc)
Lululemon: We are going to continue to listen to feedback from our guests and create functional athletic apparel to supports all of their sweaty pursuits.