3 Lush Products

"Complete your Dirty collection with Dirty Perfume ($3.00 - $29.95). Available in four sizes, this uncompromising and fresh fragrance stands at odds with its name. It's a no-nonsense scent that hits you with intensely crisp spearmint, thyme and tarragon, and the subtle smell of calm seas. Dirty is an invigorating, cathartic breath of fresh air that stirs up something primal. "

My first impression of this product was how great the packaging is! I received the one on the far right. I love the design and the fragrance is great! It's not too over powering and not too light. I always have the hardest time describing how fragrances smell like. It's such a subjective thing. I personally like this fragrance, and encourage you to go to Lush and try it!

"Hallelujah, It’s Raining Men Shower Gel ($8.95 - $24.95) is back for good! This divine shower gel was a limited edition product from our Valentine’s Day collection and customers clamored for it after it was gone. We read the e-mails, heard the pleas and have made it a permanent member of our shower gel collection. Scented with our best-selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, your skin will be left deliciously soft and extremely lickable."

As soon as I saw this product, I had a feeling it would smell tropical. This product is for men. It smells great and the product description is right - your skin does smell extremely delicious! I can understand why it had to be made a permanent product in the shower gel collection.

"Ultrablast ($3.95) – For the freshest breath you’ve ever had, forget old-fashioned peppermint toothpaste and use Ultrablast instead.  Green pea powder, wasabi, dried mint and sea salt will blast away all lingering odors and de-fuzz the tongue.  Peppermint and spearmint add the freshness and lavender the delicate perfume.  Your mouth will feel fresh and clean for hours, while your tongue and lips (thanks to the wasabi) will tingle for a while as well! "

"Sparkle ($3.95) A whitening palate cleanser, designed to take away any flavors in your mouth and leave you with sweet, fresh breath and dazzling pearly whites.  It’s a blend of lemon, grapefruit, black pepper and sea salt.  Teeth will be left sparkling and breath fresh and zingy."

I haven't seen such a unique product in the toothpaste area before! It is so compact, and to me resembles a match box by the shape. If you open the inside of it - it has a best before date - which is great. I really appreciate that the expiration date is shown on an obvious sticker so it constantly reminds you of when it expires. The product itself smells wonderful and by shape - they look like mints. Each one is slightly powdery so be sure not to crush the box accidentally. The flavors are both great, and there is a lot of foam once you break it with your teeth and start brushing.
The box describes them as "Revolutionary, Innovative tooth cleansing tabs" and they certainly are! So great for traveling as I cannot count how many times toothpaste has gotten everywhere.
I'm curious to try the other flavors!
You can visit their website HERE and find the recent interview with Brandi Halls - North American Public Relations Manager to LUSH HERE