Bench Canada

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about the brand? 
Bench: Bench is a British-born streetwear brand from Manchester.  Influenced by the underground music scene, Bench specializes in graphic tees, hoodies with the ever-popular thumbholes and fashionable apparel for “real people.”  We have a high quality activewear line consisting of tanks, tees and pants – as well as a technical sport line (highlighted by our 4-spot logo) which offers snow/swim clothing for our more athletic customers.
Our manifesto:   
Bench is a real brand for real people.

We do fashionable clothes that work for genuine people and the everyday moments they wear them in, making an ordinary moment extraordinary. We call it amplification: it’s making the everyday better; reveling in the honest, the real and the down to earth.  Like our customers, Bench knows who it is and where it’s come from.  In a world where it’s all about aspiring to an untouchable, unrealistic tomorrow, Bench is about having a great night tonight.

We don’t try to tell the world we’re something we’re not. Just like you, we don’t take life too seriously.
Where most fashion brands encourage you to be like someone else, Bench makes you feel more confident in
who you are. We’re confident so you are too.

Bench. For real life people in real moments.

Bench. More real.

Sarah Velasco: Is there a target shopper Bench has in mind when featuring their collections?  
Bench: The target Bench customer is a male/female between the ages of 18-25; someone who is attending university, has an active lifestyle and enjoys comfort over current trend, appreciates good quality apparel that makes him/her stand out in the crowd. 

Sarah Velasco: What process do the clothes have to go through in order to be in stores? 
Bench: They are designed in the UK, sampled in China, wholesaled to over 25 countries then distributed 3 months later.

Sarah Velasco: Is there a #1 best seller out? 
Bench: Our number one seller across Canada is the BBQ jacket which comes in a rainbow of colours each season.

Sarah Velasco: Has the company had any big changes? 
Bench: The big changes are the new additions to the brand:  Bench Sport.  There is also licensed product like headphones and watches. 

Sarah Velasco: Are there going to be any upcoming things readers should know about?  
Bench: BENCH always has something new in the pipeline…until then it remains a mystery.

Sarah Velasco: Any advice for someone wanting to be in this industry? 
Bench: If you are passionate about fashion, then follow your dreams and throw yourself into this very exciting business.

Some terrific items c/o Bench:


Product code: BLKA0933F1

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fitted
  • Zip down with snap flap
  • Zip down with side pockets
  • Zip open collar with concealed hood
  • Embroidered bench logo on left chest & back of collar
This is such a useful item to have in your closet. I can imagine using this for workouts during the fall when the temperature starts to drop. I really like the material and it will be great for when it rains. The 'grill' print in the back at the collar is of course a great idea to have for late night runs. It is comfortable and works fantastic as an extra thing to have in unexpected weather conditions. Of course, it's works well for planned events such as work outs, post swim meets, tennis practice etc. I personally like the fitted jackets. For those of you who don't I'd recommend going a size up if you want it to be more baggy. 

Tracy Twist Hoody

Product code: BLEA2823

from their 4-dot sport collection

  • 70% Cotton 30& Polyester
  • Pocket in the Front with Bench Logo
  • Cowl Neck Design
  • Fitted
  • Bench 4 dot logo on the lower middle back
I love a long fitted hoody that's comfortable. This is exactly what it is. Plus, the color stands out and I like that. The inside has a little bit of a fleece material, which is what makes it so comfortable with the stretch material it has. Since it is a fitted cut,  if looser fitting is preferred I would go a size up. Great for anything sporty or casual wear. 

 Holly Hoody

Product code: BLEA2825


from their 4-dot sport collection

  • 100% Cotton
  • High funnel neck with drawstring
  • Drawstring wasitband
  • Bench logo on upper middle back
  • Bench 4 dot logo on left sleeve cuff
This hoodie has more stretch material than The Tracy Twist Hoody. I think this is a great hoody for a cooler run outside because of the high funnel neck. The design around the neck replaces the need for a scarf. The material is super soft and great for lounging around the house as well. This hoody is also a fitted cut and is great for layering on top of some tanks tops. 

Sarina Low Rise Pant

Product code: BLNA1289


  • Black: 86% nylon/14% spandex; charcoal marl: 48% nylon/38% polyester/14% spandex
  • Comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric blend that won’t pill or fade
  • Chafe-free seams
  • Bench logo on left hip & lower right side leg
  • Made in Canada
These pants are incredibly comfortable. I love them!
The fit is so flattering front and back and I'm definitely going to be recommending these to friends. I'm happy that the description says the fabric won't pill - this is always my #1 concern for these type of pants. I'd say these pants are true to size, but keep in mind stretch material always gives leeway so I'm sure a size up or down would be fine as well. I can't stress how comfortable these are. Comfortable and flattering.