Celebrity Fitness Expert and Nutrition Consultant: Dave Scooter Honig

Sarah Velasco: We can only imagine how busy you are. What is your schedule like? 
Dave Scooter Honig: I'm up @ 4:30 to get some amino acids in me to prepare for the first run of the day with my pro and amateur boxers.  Then breakfast (a healthy one of course) @ 6:30,
then start my day of training sessions, phone interviews, phone conferences with my fitness team, write up eating programs and training programs for clients, review
eating and training plans submitted from online training clients, did I say phone calls?......Lots and lots of phone calls.  I become obsessed with making sure each and
every client's fitness goals are met.  8pm, finish up the day with a wrap up phone call with my manager to reflect upon the day, and to prepare for the next day's events. 
9:30pm, I end my "training day".

Sarah Velasco: If you were not doing what you do now, what could you see yourself doing?
Dave Scooter Honig: Go back to teaching physcial education, and/or work with physically challenged youth

Sarah Velasco: Was there ever a a point where you've thought to yourself ' Wow, i've made it'?
Dave Scooter Honig: Yes, when my first book was listed on the NY Times Best Selling list.

Sarah Velasco: If you could work with one person dead or alive who it be and why?
Dave Scooter Honig: Jack LaLane, he was tuly an innovator in the fitness industry.  His knowledge and training principles set the tone, and the bar for the rest of us.
He was the first person to make working out seem like a "fitness party".

Sarah Velasco: If you could pick one most memorable experience in your career what would it be?
Dave Scooter Honig: The reveal of LL Cool J's video "Love you Better", as that is when he newly transformed body was revealed to all.

Sarah Velasco: Who were your role models growing up, have they changed since then?
Dave Scooter Honig: My role model growing up was my high school phys ed teacher.  My role models today are ever changing.  I tend to gravitate toward people who help those, who cannot help themselves.

Sarah Velasco: What do you do in your free time? Do you have any favorite music, favorite restaurants?  

Dave Scooter Honig: Free time, who has free time?  I workout.  :  )     My favorite music is 60's soul.  Favorite food is always in the Mediterranean family, as there are always healthy eating options w/ that food.

Sarah Velasco: We heard that Toronto is one of your favourite cities. Can you tell us a bit about one of the times you were here? Where you visited etc
Dave Scooter Honig: I've been on movie sets there, while training LL and others, I can see why so many movies are filmed there, as it has the same feel or vibe as being in NY.
Growing up, I spent several summers up there (Fenelon Falls) for hockey training - I was an ice hockey player, and the people were always so welcoming and friendly to me.
Sarah Velasco: Are there upcoming things projects that you would like readers to keep an eye out for (ie media appearances, books) ?
Dave “Scooter” Honig: My last book, Platinum 360 was just released on paperback.  Some new writing projects in the works, which you can follow on my Twitter account (or) on my website

Sarah Velasco: Once piece of advice for someone wanting to get into this industry?
Dave Scooter Honig: Be like a sponge, soak up all the knowledge that you can from others in the industry, and then ring out what you don't need.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, and follow your gut instincts.