3 Fragrances by Dynamite

Courtesy of Dynamite

Day1: "Flirty – A gourmand blend of freesia and heliotrope top notes, coconut milk, lilac and blond wood middle notes and creamy vanilla, sandalwood and musk end notes, this scent is undeniably projects a sweet and youthful energy."

I tried the 'Flirty' fragrance by Dynamite (because of the online quiz results that said I'd suit that the most) It is the pink colored one on the right.
The bottle itself is a good size and is convenient (you can put it in a purse, gym bag, anywhere really)
I sprayed the perfume on my wrists a few hours ago and it smelled really nice! I could definitely smell the creamy vanilla as soon as it had contact on my skin. A few hours later, it still has a nice scent. I can still smell the vanilla the most. It's not a strong vanilla though, the description is actually perfect to describe it. It is a 'creamy vanilla'

Day 2 "Edgy - A modern blend of lemon and green apple top notes, rose, peach and blond wood middle notes and musk, moss and sandalwood end notes, this scent echoes an addictive urban, fresh vibe."

The 'Edgy' fragrance by Dynamite is definitely more rebellious smelling compared to the 'Flirty' fragrance. I like this one too. It smells more musky (I'm trying these on three separate days. I find it better to not try many fragrances in a row ...otherwise they all start blending in and it gets confusing). 
I can smell a hint of rose, and some type of fruit. It's fresh - for sure. I don't know which one I would pick if I had to choose between the 'Flirty' and 'Edgy.' They are both very different.
NB: I sprayed the Edgy fragrance on my wrist at around 9am and could still smell it at 8pm!

Day 3: "Sexy – A seductive blend of mandarin, blood orange and peach top notes, jasmine, orange blossom and apricot middle notes and sandalwood, vanilla, and musk end notes, this scent truly oozes sensuality and femininity."

The 'Sexy' fragrance by Dynamite is such a fun scent. I could smell hints of orange as soon as came out of the bottle. It is very feminine and not too strong, which is great. Now that it has settled on my skin a bit, the vanilla is coming through as well.

I really like these three fragrances that Dynamite came out with! They're terrific for travel, and all three smell great. What each one is called, really describes what that particular one smells like. I think I will be choosing which Dynamite perfume I will wear depending on what mood I'm in in that moment.
Visit a Dynamite stores to test them out yourself!