Interview with lingerie designer: Jenna Leigh

Jenna Leigh
Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself and brand?
Jenna Leigh: I started my line in 2009 in New York City. I had always been interested in design, and also creating my own business. I felt there was a void in the marketplace for fashion forward lingerie, and I came in to fill that void. I love staying on top of current trends on and off the runway, as well as designing lingerie based upon my personal quests in life through travel, color, people, and inspiration.
Sarah Velasco: Did you always know you wanted to be a designer? If not, when did you realize it what you wanted to do?
Jenna Leigh: I realized I wanted to be a designer when I was 21 years old and I studied fashion design abroad in London.
Sarah Velasco: Who or what is your inspiration behind your latest collection? 
Jenna Leigh: My latest collection (Spring 12) is inspired by unique honeymoon destinations around the world, and the allure of travel through photography. Water, beaches, art, and romantic weddings inspired the latest collection. 
Sarah Velasco: Has your style evolved? If so, how?
Jenna Leigh: My style is constantly changing. I don't like to wear something if I see it on too many people. Hence why my lingerie brand is different then other brands in the marketplace. I like to be different, but always remain classy/classic.
Sarah Velasco: Are there any common misconceptions with any items you design?
Jenna Leigh: The most common misconception is that people think they have to be super skinny to wear beautiful lingerie. That is very FALSE. Everyone can wear my lingerie. I make all sizes, even up to F cups! Bottoms range from extra small to large.
Sarah Velasco: If you could work with one person dead/ alive who would it be and why?
Jenna Leigh: I would want to work with two people who are now dead actually. Alexander Mcqueen + slim aarons. My favorite designer and favorite photographer.
Sarah Velasco: We heard that your items are now being sold Holt Renfrew! How did that come about? 
Jenna Leigh: Holts has always been a department store which I admired. I think its a beautiful store with fantastic display and brands. I know how much Canadian women are into their lingerie, and I wanted to be a brand they were able to wear. There are so many Holt Renfrew locations, that now, I can be included in their wardrobe. Its nice to expand to another country, and to be a part of the most prestigious store there! wow-I am excited. 
Sarah Velasco: What is one must-have item our readers should purchase this season?
Jenna Leigh: The napa valley push up bra. Its currently on my website and its stunning. the colors are so easy to wear, black+grey, and its girly without being too feminine. And its sexy without being over the top. Its my new pick for everyday wear! For next season (valentines), black biscayne bra is HOT HOT HOT. Sheer scalloped lace with great fit. 
Sarah Velasco: What are up coming trends we should see?
Jenna Leigh: More long lined bras, low rise panties are back in, high rise are on the outs. Color wise, lemon yellows and soft romantic colors are big for next season. All tones of blue are making a come back.
Is there any current projects you are working on, or upcoming ones readers should keep an eye out for?
I am working on a few private label collaborations with fabulous chain stores. I am also producing a fashion show in New York this winter. 
Sarah Velasco: What is the best piece of advise you can give someone wanting to be in this industry?
Jenna Leigh: Work hard, try to take factory calls in the morning, not before bed! surround yourself with smart, talented people. And follow your own eye. Meaning, design what makes you happy and never change your brand for anyone else. 
Her designs are now sold at Holt Renfrew! I'm glad I can go into the stores to shop for her brand. If you can't find any stores with her line be sure to  visit her website here