Kathy van Zeeland Love Armor Satchel in Toffee Caramel

Official Image:  Love Armor Flap Satchel in Toffee Caramel

a beautiful structured flap satchel
It has bronze hardware and it includes Kathy van Zeeland's signature keychain. 
It has purple lining, 2 zipped side pockets and a cellphone pocket in the back of the purse. 
Retail $125
available in November 2011

I have to say I am most impressed with Kathy Van Zeeland's latest collection. You can view more images here. I especially cannot wait to see the Kish & Fly Convertible H64805 in Bronze Leopard in the flesh. 

This is the Love Armor Flap Satchel in Toffee Caramel courtesy of Zarby. As soon as I opened the package I was automatically drawn to the color. The color is for perfect fall. As many of you know, I do not feature product reviews unless I truly love the product and feel like readers will appreciate it too. What are your first impressions of this satchel? 

Going from the interior to the exterior:

Interior: purple lining, which is waterproof. I love this material for the interior because if you have anything that could accidentally spill in your bag, it won't get ruined. I cannot count how many times I've used handbags that have gotten so dirty on the inside (Make up, pen markings, gum etc). I suggest for interiors that aren't waterproof put all your things into make up pouches (or clear plastic bags if you don't mind how they look). Not only will it be more organized, but these pouches will preserve the interior of the bag.  
There are also 3 compartments on the inside which most bags have, and a cute metallic purple hook for your keys. There is a square Kathy Van Zeeland logo on the inside, as well as her name on the design (on the purple, very subtle). I actually don't think I can remember ever seeing this Toffee Caramel against this royal purple and I like it. I would have expected a light tan color. On the hook for keys the satchel has silver metallic writing saying "With love, Kathy Van Zeeland (and a heart) " 

Back: has a small logo that you can see on image #3 and #4, with a pocket. The way that the purse is designed you can barely tell it's a pocket, which I like. Perfect for business cards and blotting papers. The leather is soft and seems durable, I definitely prefer the brass buckles the bag has. I'm not the hugest fan of gold buckles that are too shiny especially against a black bag, to me that looks tacky. 

Front: I don't even know what to call the handle with the logo on the front except to call it that! It's so easy to grab this bag off the floor. There is a snap buckle closure on the inside. Normally I prefer zippers so things don't fall out, but the way this bag is designed, everything is very secure. The two zipper pockets on the front of the bag are deeper than I thought. I often find pockets in the front of bags big enough to fit small phones, but not iPhone's or Blackberries. I think they'd even be able to fit a medium sized wallet inside! I think I will be putting my phone in one and my digital camera plus batteries in the other. I don't know if this helps readers but my whole hand fits inside the pocket. I agree with the patchwork detail on the front, it gives the bag character and substance. 

Overall I think this bag is great quality and trendy. It looks great, and I am sure it will look terrific with age as well. This color will accentuate many outfits.
I'm most drawn to the color. I cannot stress enough how great this color is for all of you looking for a fall/ winter staple! Its suitable for work and great for casual outfits. I would personally take off the keychain if you have a water bottle inside the bag just because less weight is better. 
Because I'm not the tallest person in the world, it's a perfect size. It's not overwhelming, and it can keep a good sized novel, water bottle, an iPad perhaps... (definitely a Kindle reader). I just flipped the bag over and on the bottom I saw an imprint of a small bag. I think that one detail just comes to show to much thought the designer put into this. The stitching on the bottom is good, as well as the rest of the bag. 
The handles also sit at a comfortable length and are not too thin or too thick.
Versatile and classic with a contemporary twist. I suggest for readers to purchase this bag or something else from the Kathy Van Zeeland collection when the holiday collection hits stores. I will definitely feature it here on my blog for some outfit posts..perhaps on my next trip to New York!
View Kathy Van Zeeland's website here. The designer also is creating accessories in addition to her handbags.