Lucca Couture: Jane Moon

Jane Moon: CEO of Lucca Couture
Sarah Velasco: As the CEO for Lucca Couture, what does your job entail?
Jane Moon: Hmm, I will try to give the long and the short.  My primary job is to ensure the collection is ready per season, per territory on time, then I coordinate with all my showrooms to participate in regional markets and or shows.  I also handle major sales and product developments myself that needs my personal attention.  In addition to the sales, I oversee the marketing and work with my PR firm to control and promote the brand's image.  In the background, I also oversee the production side of the business.
Sarah Velasco: What is your schedule like?
Jane Moon: My schedule is pretty hectic, I have daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally things I have to tend to.  I attend major trade shows on both coasts (magic in Las Vegas, NV and Coterie in NYC twice a year for both).  I also tend to daily fittings, shipping, and all sorts of other issues that comes with the business.  I also oversee the trend forecast and shop around the globe to stay on top of the current market.  etc..etc.. Don't want to bombard you with ALL the details..
Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this business?
Jane Moon: I grew up in the business, however, it was not a one-way ticket to it.  I was in the beginning stages of my law career and u-turned into the business for various reasons.  Now I love it! I really enjoy what I do and am blessed to be able to do it. 
Sarah Velasco:Can you tell us a bit about Lucca Couture? How it got started?
Jane Moon: Lucca Couture started as a natural result of supply and demand.  At the time when we started, there were many junior chain stores that needed suppliers and we were set up to do just that, supply them with junior appropriate items.  It actually goes further than that when my parents use to sell a missy line in the garment district in Los Angeles in the 80's.  However, throughout the years, business has changed and with it we have revamped and reworked the brand to what it is today, urban casual young contemporary line.
Sarah Velasco: How are the collections pieced together? (design team etc)
Jane Moon: I oversee the overall feel and categories that are offered, our talented design team works very hard to research and carefully pump out the best collection that stays true to the brand and yet reinvents itself season after season to offer something fresh and new but understandable to the Lucca followers.
Sarah Velasco: Is there a target shopper the store has in mind? 
Jane Moon: Yes, young (or young at heart) contemporary women, with a casual cool vibe, the trendsetters, fashion lovers.  However, we prideourselves into being relevant to all types of people, the downtown hipster, the feminine boho type, or the uptown girl.
Sarah Velasco:Can you tell us about the latest collection? 
Jane Moon: Spring 2012 looks amazing, and we've had an amazing reaction to it at its debut at the Magic show in Las Vegas.  It was globally well received with the locals and the foreign accounts.  The colors (yellows, peaches, mints, creams) are so fresh, we played with lots of stripes and directions (which we are known for), of course prints and more prints of flowers that are perfect for springtime garden/tea parties.  Lots of flowy and flirty dresses to get you through any occasion that may come your way during spring time. 
Sarah Velasco: Any advice for readers that want to pursue work in the industry?
Jane Moon: You have to love it and be able to pay your dues to get it, its not an easy industry, you really really have to want it.