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Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get into this business
Brandi Halls: I’m an animal loving, beauty enthusiast who landed my dream job right out of University! I’ve always been a bit of a social butterfly that loved to talk beauty and shopping but did so with a social conscience. So when I stumbled across an opening in PR for LUSH just 2 weeks after graduating, I jumped on the opportunity and have never looked back. It’s been the most exhilarating, rewarding and fun 9 years of my life!

Sarah Velasco: What is your role in the company, what is your schedule like?

Brandi Halls: I am the North American Public Relations Manager so my schedule is varied, fast paced and quite unpredictable.Overseeing the media relations, social media and ethical campaigns for LUSH means that every day is completely different than the last. As a brand LUSH is very spontaneous so it seems fitting that my role in the company is reflective of that.

Sarah Velasco: Why is LUSH different from other companies? We know that the company has great beliefs such as being against animal testing, being eco friendly etc
Brandi Halls: There are so many truly innovative things that sets LUSH apart but the thing that resonates the most for me is that LUSH is about so much more than selling products. We use our shops, our web site, our catalogues and our loyal employees to shed light on environmental, social and animal issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. We take chances, we believe that we can bring about real change and we have done so. This is why I am incredibly proud to be part of the LUSH family.

Sarah Velasco: For someone who has never purchased anything at LUSH, what would you recommend? I know there are many products so sometimes it can be overwhelming.
Brandi Halls: This one is easy for me because I have used these products religiously for years, Rehab Shampoo and Veganese conditioner! I often get compliments on how healthy and shiny my hair is and I attribute this to my dedication to my two favorite products. Also, I always encourage new LUSHies to try our hair care as it tends to get overlooked in a shop full of bright and colorful bath bombs and bubble bars.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any Best Sellers that LUSH is known for?

Brandi Halls: LUSH’s Dream Cream hand and body lotion is a worldwide best seller and has been ever since its launch. It contains oats, softening rose water, calming lavender, chamomile and olive oil to moisturize. This little wonder works great for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and extremely sensitive skin.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any differences between the Canadian and US stores?
Brandi Halls: The North American business operates as one big family so there are no differences between our Canadian and U.S. stores! Most of our expansion over the last few years has been in the U.S. but we are looking to start opening new shops in Canada in the coming year. In fact we are just about to open a new store in Winnipeg.

Sarah Velasco: Have there been any major changes to the company since you started?
Brandi Halls: When I started we had one American store, today we have 98 so it’s fair to say that it’s been major change after major change for the last 9 years. But through it all, the heart of the brand, its ethics, it honesty and my incredibly loyal and fantastic coworkers have all remained.

Sarah Velasco: Are there going to be any changes readers should anticipate?

Brandi Halls: Expect lots of innovation coming out of LUSH this year. While we always pride ourselves on our unique product range, our product inventors are busting with creativity these days!  Expect lots more fun to hit LUSH shelves in the coming months!