Malin and Goetz

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us how the company started?  
Andrew Goetz: The brand launched about 7 ½  years ago; and we probably worked on the plan for close 2 years prior to launch.  The concept behind the brand was to pool our mutual work experiences; Matthew is the Beauty doyen, and my background is from the Design world.  We wanted to create something very modern, understandable and of course efficacious.  Because Matthew has very sensitive skin, it was imperative that all our products be designed for those with the most sensitive skin.  We also felt there was a great opportunity to create a special family owned brand.  One by one, it seemed that all the independent brands were being gobbled up and homogenized by the big multi-nationals.  When Kiehl’s was sold to L’OrĂ©al – that’s when we really began to think about creating a brand to fill in the void they were vacating.

Sarah Velasco:What is your schedule like as well as your role within the company? 
Andrew Goetz: This being New York, and the fact that we have our own business – our schedules are indeed quite busy.  We always need to “make” time for ourselves – because it seems the sun is always shinning somewhere on a Malin+Goetz territory – and someone is sending an e-mail from there.  Matthew and I share in all major decisions, but we try and focus on our mutual skill sets.  Matthew handles sales and I focus more on production and design/packaging – but as I mentioned, we are both involved with the daily operations.

Sarah Velasco:How did you get into this business? Is this something you have always wanted to do?  
Andrew Goetz: Matthew and I are partners in life as well as business – over 17 years.  So I can to skincare via Matthew.  As someone from outside the industry, Matthew exposed me to lots of new products.  It always seemed very complicated and baroque to me; and a bit intimidating.  So it seemed clear there was an opportunity to create something that was easier to understand; and of course less intimidating.  While I’ve always wanted to have my own business, I never really considered skincare.  I owe that to Matthew.

Sarah Velasco:Have there been any major changes since the company started? What has changed, what has stayed the same? 
Andrew Goetz: Yes.  We’ve grown!  We’ve gone from 2 people to over 30.  From 1 shop location in New York to having our products available in many spots around the world.  And from 13 SKU’s to over 50.  While we’ve grown – we have also stayed very true to the brand.  We don’t try to be all things to all people – and we don’t create products because of trends or for marketing purposes.  We continue to create the best products possible that we both personally use.

Sarah Velasco:What process do the products have to go through before they hit shelves?  
Andrew Goetz: We work with a chemist for as long as it takes to come up with a product that is great for sensitive skin, nourishing and efficacious.  We always test drive on ourselves –and any one in the office interested in trying something out.  Some products go quicker than others.  There’s no telling how it’s going to go.

Sarah Velasco:What makes them unique?  
Andrew Goetz: We combine the best natural ingredients with the most affective modern technology; no artificial colors or fragrances in our skincare.  They are gentle and always effective; sans hyperbole.  And of course they are beautifully packaged.  And all our products are unisex.

Sarah Velasco:Can you recommend three of your favorite products to our readers? 
Andrew Goetz: Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Replenishing Face Cream.

Sarah Velasco:When traveling and space is limited what are some must-have items to remember? 
Andrew Goetz: Less is more.

Sarah Velasco:Are there any upcoming things that readers should look out for? (store openings, new packaging, products etc).  
Andrew Goetz: Always.  But we never kiss and tell.  So you’ll have to stay tuned.