Must-Have Travel Items at Laco Sac

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The Delsey Helium Ultra Lite 25" - Cappuccino $129.99 
19" - $99.99, 25"- 129.99, 28" - 139.99 
"This is our best selling suitcase in the store. And because I mentioned that in the interview, I thought it only appropriate that you actually see what the luggage looks like. This is a super light but also a super durable piece of luggage. It has the spinner wheels, it's expandable and has a ten year warranty on zippers, handles, wheels and stitching. I also appreciate the bright interior, it makes it harder to leave anything behind when unpacking your case. With all the great features it's no wonder that it's our best seller, but that could also be attributed to its extremely reasonable price which makes it truly fly out of the store. This style is available in three sizes, including a carry on piece and is available in two colours, brown and black. " -  Natasha Kharabian

- 10 year warranty
- 4 wheel trolley
- self repairing zip
- extensible expandability
- flexible frame
- light weight
- silent wheels
some general observations
- 5 compartments
- ID tag
- luggage lock
- lime interior 
- some lime accents on the exterior as well

Although I'm not an expert on luggage like Natasha, I do travel so a great luggage is a piece of equipment I need when I am away. When I picked this Desley luggage up, I could definitely understand why this was one of the best selling suitcase models at Laco Sac. It is so super light weight for its size! 
A huge concern for me when I went away for three weeks in the summer was, my luggage was already heavy without all my clothing inside. This is perfect as it durable as well as light.
I think Natasha made such a great observation about the bright interior. With the bright lime on the inside, it is easier to spot if you leave anything behind. 
This luggage size is perfect for medium traveling. 
In addition, the type of material on the interior is great. If anything spills (shampoo, lotion etc) it'll be easy to clean up and won't stain. I also really like that the extensible expandability is a feature. It's also expertly hidden in the design.

Samsonite Winfield 
25"- $139.99, 28" $149.99  ,carry- on $109.99

"The best selling poly-carbonate suitcase we carry is the Samsonite Winfield. It is a light weight spinner that will protect your items with its durable shell. The Winfield I sent over is a carry on size, so you can take that onto the plane without a problem. It comes with a TSA locking system built right into the luggage, which is another feature I wanted you to take a closer look at because I mentioned it several times in the interview. The Samsonite Winfield is warranted for ten years, on zippers, handles, wheels and stitching. These are all things that Laco Sac will cover for our customers. The Winfield is available in a range of colours including, black, silver, red, silver checkered, and yellow checkered. Choosing a colourful piece of luggage is becoming more popular because it allows travelers to distinguish their case at the baggage claim. I also wanted to mention that the larger pieces in this set are equipped with expandable zippers, increasing the size of the case by an inch and a half all the way around. But because carry on baggage has strict restrictions, this size does not have the expansion zipper. " - Natasha Kharabian

- 10 year warranty
- 4 wheel trolley
- Fully lined interiors
Mounted TSA combination lock
Quality Assurance: 
- Tumble Test
- Handle Test
- Drop Test
- Wheel Test
- Zipper Test
- Locks Test
some general observations
- grey interior
- one zipper compartment 

I think this luggage is perfect for a few days worth of travel (the carry on $109.99) . The same as the Desley model, this luggage is so lightweight yet durable. The interior material is great incase any items like toothpaste, shampoo etc spill so it's easy to clean up without staining the luggage. As Natasha mentioned in the interview as well as the description above, this luggage has a TSA lock. 
"TSA locks: For security reasons many airlines ask that suitcase are left unlocked. The new TSA approved locks give travelers the peace of mind of locking their suitcase, because customs officials have a universal key which gives them the option of unlocking your case if they feel it's necessary. "
I love the idea of having this lock built-in the luggage. 
Such a great luggage to purchase if you need one for a few days, so durable and it looks great. You can view the product here

3 Colors: Black, Red or White

"I think this one is self explanatory. Our most popular stocking stuffer and generally the best selling accessory in the store. With weight restrictions so tight the Heys Xscale is the best way to double check before leaving for the airport." Natasha Kharabian

Such a convenient tool to have when you go on a shopping trip! 
All three are such must-have items when traveling. There are many other great items at Laco Sac that will make traveling less stressful. You can view their website here: www.lacosac.ca