Stuffed Sheep, Stuffed Bear & Plush Monkey at La Vie en Rose

 "Make someone happy with this bundle of cuteness and support the Roses of Hope Foundation. Our sheep plush toy comes with a rose motif printed into its wool, a big pink La Vie en Rose ribbon around its neck and attached gift card. So don't be baaaa-shful, get our wonderfully squeezable sheep for that special someone today. Available in pink or white." Price: $9.95 Available in White or Pink

c/o La Vie en Rose. This item is so cute! It comes in white or pink. I received the white one, and I have to say this stuffed sheep plush toy is incredibly soft. If you look closely, there are rose swirls in the material. La Vie en Rose supports such a great cause, and not only would this purchase be a great gift for a loved one, it would also be a terrific way to show your support. View more about The Roses of Hope Foundation here
 "Totally cute, irresistibly adorable! Our cuddly bear makes a wonderful gift when you want to tell someone how special they are to you. This model has an embroidered rose, a white faux-pearl necklace, a pretty La Vie en Rose accent ribbon at the collar, and an attached gift card. All proceeds from stuffed toy sales go to the Roses of Hope Foundation." Price: $9.95 Available in White or Pink

c/o La Vie en Rose. All three of these items are so adorable (Even my 16 year old brother made a point to tell me that!)I can imagine this being such a special gift to a niece or daughter. 
Like the stuffed sheep, this also has rose swirls in the material. It's so soft!
I love the detailing these items have, this one with the faux pearl necklace, and rose swirl material.

"Complete your Yoga Monkey collection with this cuddly mascot! A portion of all sales help support the Roses of Hope Foundation. 100% polyester" Price $11.95  One Color

The material on this Yoga Monkey looks slightly different from the other two. You can click all three images to enlarge. How cute are those shorts?!
Show your support and visit in stores or view their websiteHere is some information on the Roses of Hope Foundation:

La Vie en Rose strives to give back through its Roses of Hope Foundation – an organization committed to supporting breast cancer research and finding a cure. Established in 2002, the foundation has donated over $650,000 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and several other relevant charities dedicated to bettering the lives of women. For more information on the Roses of Hope Foundation and to check out the specialty products, please visit: http://www.rosesofhope.ca