Champagne & Cupcakes

Sarah Velasco: I think the name of the store is fantastic, how did you go about choosing the name?
Caroline Lim: Champagne & Cupcakes are well, first of all 2 of my fav things!  But, really the name is to represent affordable luxury.  Champagne representing something luxurious and cupcakes, being the attainable.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell our readers a little background about yourself? How did you open this store, and how did you get into this business?
Caroline Lim: I went to Ryerson for fashion design and straight out of school I started my own line which I sold on the wholesale level to boutiques across Canada.  I continued selling my collection for 8 years.  After that, I moved on to design for a company where I headed up the knitwear division.  From there, I learned I needed more creative license, so I decided to open my own retail location, featuring my favourite thing....dresses!

Sarah Velasco: What's the style of Champagne and Cupcakes, how would you describe its vibe?
Champagne & Cupcakes features dresses that are playful, chic & sexy.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us a little bit about the dresses?
Caroline Lim: In store we feature our own private label, Champagne & Cupcakes, a couple lines from LA, and our custom recut line, Champagne & Cupcakes, White Label.  Our dresses are 100% developed, designed and produced in Toronto and are made in limited quantities of 2-12 pieces per style.  This way you get a truly unique dress!

Sarah Velasco: What other items do you have at Champagne and Cupcakes?
Caroline Lim: We carry cute & quirky jewelery and accessories from Canadian designers such as Frug, Lovers Tempo, and Opheile Hats.  And for our gift giving ladies a line of hand made soaps in delicious life like shapes such as popsicles, lollipops and ice cream cones!

Sarah Velasco: Is there a target audience you look for when having items in your store?
Caroline Lim: No, not particularly.  The store is mainly dedicated to the cute, unique, sexy and quirky.  Thus providing dresses, accessories and other pretty little things! 

Sarah Velasco: Has the store undergone any changes since you opened it?
Caroline Lim: In our 2nd year, we added the Champagne & Cupcakes, White Label collection for our custom needs clients.

Sarah Velasco: How would you describe your personal style, do you wear any other designers?
Caroline Lim: I like to balance elements of cute with elements of sexy in my personal style.  I pretty much wear anything.  Not very designer snobby. he he.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell our readers some must-have items to consider when visiting the store?
Caroline Lim: Must have items in store....well, Ballerina Babe is one of our favourites since it features a very 50's silhouette and is very sophisticated, that paired with our lover's tempo halo earrings would look absolutely fantastic for a holiday party!