Joe Fresh Beauty

Joe Fresh has a beauty line that is fantastic and affordable. Perfect for this season!
I really like that all their products have simple clean-cut designs and also come in great sizes for keeping in a make- up bag or purse. They also make terrific presents or stocking stuffers for friends and family for the holidays. 

Joe Fresh Highlighter c/o Joe Fresh
Style # BF11000028
Comes in 3 Colors

This highlighter is perfect for every occasion. It has a no-mess texture and a subtle shimmer that is perfect for your cheekbones, brow bones, over your top lip, and anywhere else you desire. 
This color will look great on a wide range of skin tones and freshens your look up instantly. 
The great thing about this highlighter is that the product itself is not too obvious but, it makes a big difference. Highlighter and a lip balm are all one needs for a casual occasion, the 'no make up look' or for one that does not like the fuss of having to apply many products. That being said, this is also terrific for formal occasions.  

Joe Fresh Fine Liquid Eyeliner
Style # BE11000007

Comes in 3 Colors

This Liquid Eyeliner is a great product. The brush is fine and easy to apply and amount of product that comes out for a one stroke application is enough to achieve a casual or dressy look.

It is important for an eyeliner to be versatile in as many ways as possible, and this product is. It can be smudged for a smokier eye look, or it can be clean and precise with one line. 

Joe Fresh Beauty makes great and effective product. The outward designs are clean and simple for it to look appropriate for every age range, the products are affordable which make them excellent gifts for oneself or friends, and the products themselves are well thought out and deliver great results.  

Some other products from Joe Fresh Beauty


LUSH - Holiday 2011

Some amazing products to consider for yourself or family & friends this holiday season! You can view more products on their website or visit one of their many locations across the world.


Elizabeth and James Leopard Parka

Elizabeth and James Leopard Parka


Terrific Items for The Holidays at La Vie en Rose

$24.95 - Red Joy S-XL
A terrific present for you or a loved one for the holidays! So comfortable and great for keeping yourself warm around the house. I love the detailing of the 3 buttons and the rubber sole. The plush faux fur on the inside is so soft. I also like that this style comes in a wide variety of colors. 
I can see some people wearing these outside as well when the weather is dry.
$14.95- Red Joy

A fun accessory for the holiday season! One size fits all, fits nicely and makes an excellent costume or fun hat.
7.95 - Red Joy O/S
An adorable stocking stuffer or gift for the holiday season! I really appreciate the anti slip grips on the bottom of the sock - it will really come in handy on non-carpeted flooring. It makes an excellent sock for around the house or to wear before you put on your boots to keep you even more warm once the temperature drops. 
 Solid Chenille Crew Socks with Feather 
7.95 - Red Joy O/S

Perfect socks to put on before you put on your ice skates! The material is so soft and is so comfortable for every occasion. I love the white trim it's so fluffy and cosy. Also a great stocking stuffer. Great to wear to bed on an extremely cold night!

These are four items from La Vie en Rose that I absolutely love from their holiday collection!  They make fantastic presents for yourself or your friends and family. All extremely comfortable and adorable.  

All items courtesy of La Vie en Rose

Some other items that caught my eye.
*I also notice that La Vie en Rose has free shipping on all orders over $75! 

Plush Moose

Knit-stich Ballerina Slippers

Dreamy Striped Robe


Coco Rocha

So blown away by how talented Coco Rocha is. She moves from expression to expression so seamlessly 


Croco Envelope Clutch

STYLE 61-9617 

Available in Red (as shown above) or Brown
Such a great statement piece to add a pop of color to your outfit this season! This clutch is light weight and easy to carry. You can either carry it by hand, or sling it on your shoulder with the sleek silver chain fastened on the inside. 
Perfect piece during the day or in the evening. 



Show Stoppers: Shannon Mattingly

Sarah Velasco: As the creator of ShowStoppers - can you tell us about the company? What is ShowStoppers? How did the company start?

Shannon Mattingly: Looking for a fashion mishap remedy, I invented ShowStoppers with the vision of creating reliable fashion accessory products for women looking to dress sharply. As ShowStoppers grew into its toddler years, we changed the game with cutting edge techniques to create awareness for our brand both far and wide. Our team produced flirty videos to go viral, and I auditioned for a professional cheer squad to get the product in the hands of the big-league cheerleaders. ShowStoppers was invited onto the Home Shopping Network four times, on which product sold out on the first air date. ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape is a sexy chic company that promotes class and elegance. We believe walking tall is the first step to being tall.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get into the industry?

Shannon Mattingly: When I left UC Berkeley, I landed my first job at a top financial consulting firm where I was to adhere to a business professional dress code every day. My ensemble consisted of a pantsuit and button-up shirt. Reveling in the thought of dressing up for work, I found myself quickly uncomfortable and insecure in my dress for one reason. Taking all the fun away of dolling up, the peek-a-boob gap in my button-up shirt, in which my double D’s so kindly given to be from Grandma Bea, took hold of my confidence in the work place. I tried everything from Velcro to hook-eyes and safety pins to a quick sew; unfortunately none of my methods worked. I needed a quick, straightforward solution, and I needed it fast. The solution was to create a tape that worked. It was then that ShowStoppers was born. I invented ShowStoppers to be unique from other tapes on market in that it safeguards delicate fabrics from snags and residue, and has muscle power that can hold up denims and leather.

My idea did not fully come to fruition until I landed a job in Los Angeles at a prestigious talent agency and then with a top public relations firm - each giving me the opportunity to work with top celebrities. My planner was marked with red carpet events, photo shoots and stylist fittings with celebrity clients. I walked every red carpet, from the Golden Globes to the Grammy's, and was stunned to find professional stylists using a tape that was ruining clothes and irritating skin. I immediately began giving stylists my homemade quick-fix solution. It was at this moment that I saw a gap in the fashion-solution market and realized that ShowStoppers could work for the ordinary woman and the extraordinary celebrity. The rest you can say is history – or, at the very least, history in the making!

Sarah Velasco: How did you create it? What was the process you had to go through into creating the brand, company and product?

Shannon Mattingly: ShowStoppers was created out of necessity, true to the American Dream, one could say J. As I had mentioned, I was in need of a product to fix my peek-a-boob gap in my button-up shirts, which I was made to wear every day. I tried everything on the market and nothing worked. Those who know me will attest, and to those who don’t will soon learn, I stop at nothing. I went to a hardware store to find an adhesive to remedy my problem. It would be futile to even begin to recount the look on the employee’s face when I told him I needed tape to keep my boobs in my shirt. Needless to say, it was priceless. I found EVA adhesive and was happy to see it worked better than the other products with which I had previously been acquainted. Still, the tape was too thick, not modifiable, inflexible, and would leave residue similar to the residue a band-aid leaves. So although I had found a secure tape, I understood that it needed to be tweaked for fashion-use. Then enter Fate. In the following week, I was attending a fashion function in Los Angeles and met an amazing man who thrived in fashion and also happened to be a chemist with a PhD from USC. Lucky much? Yes. I immediately paired up with him to create a product that was both effective and fashion-friendly. Once the product was in tangible form, I ran a focus group of undergraduates and graduate students at USC. The results were amazing; 9 times out of 10, the participants preferred ShowStoppers more than they did any other product. With this knowledge, I proceed to manufacture sample packs. During the interim in which my samples were being made, I brainstorm, drafted, re-drafted, and re-drafted, the look and feel of the ShowStoppers brand. I envisioned the packaging to resemble a chic gum pack. I drew inspiration for the hot pink and black color scheme from my list of personal favorites. I worked with a designer to organize on paper the chaos that was exploding in my head. Once I had the full package I immediately reached out to all of my contacts for help and support. In just the last year, ShowStoppers went from display product at Kitson and Fred Segal exclusively to sell-out product on HSN, reaching over a million viewers. It was here that I took a moment to give myself a high five.

Sarah Velasco: What makes ShowStoppers unique?

Shannon Mattingly: ShowStoppers is not your typical fashion tape. It’s patent pending industrial grade foam adhesive formula is modifiable, repositionable and the most durable on the market. I knew many tapes on the market were difficult to apply, as I would recall going through two or three pieces a day, many that would roll into balls before I could get one on my attire. Even more problematic, if I needed a smaller piece, say on the go, I would have to locate scissors to cut the piece down to size. With ShowStoppers, one may tear the tape with ease to fit clothing. Since ShowStoppers are thinner than off-the-shelf adhesive, but thicker than the other existent fashion tapes on the market, they are easy to apply and reposition. Best of all, one never needs to worry about residue as the tape’s formula will not ruin delicates like silk but will hold up against heavy materials like denim and leather.

Sarah Velasco: What the most popular ways they are used?
Shannon Mattingly: 
We have found our most popular ways to use include:
1. Close a Button-Up Shirt Gap
2. Hold a Strapless/ One Shoulder Dress Up
3. Conceal Bra/Bra Straps
4. Create a Quick Hem
5. Protect Bottom Of Pumps
6. Cushion Back of Heel
7. Tighten a Loose Belt
8. Keep a Low Cut Shirt On
9. Secure a Collar in Place
10. Quick replacement for lost buttons and perfect solution to hide unwanted threads

Sarah Velasco: How many ways can they be used?

Shannon Mattingly: Thousands! It feels like every day someone or another will tell our team how they have made use of their ShowStoppers. We have heard older women say they use them for scrapbooking, mothers have told us they use them to keep their babies bibs on, men have told us they use them on the backs of their ties, and the list really continues on and on. We are so grateful that everyone is loving their ShowStoppers and finding so many fun ways to make their living simpler.  

Sarah Velasco: How many kinds are there, and do you come out with new types? Or are the types staples of the brand?

Shannon Mattingly: ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape is our first and hero product. We have taken this concept from a homemade remedy to a home shopping phenomenon. With that said, we are working on additional accessory products that fill a fashion need and exceed quality of that which is currently on the market. We definitely urge people to keep an eye on us, because we know they are going to just love with what we release next.

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers purchase them, and how much do they cost?

Shannon Mattingly:  Readers can purchase ShowStoppers on our website at www.buyshowstoppers.com (2 packs and a purse for $14.99) on the HSN Website at hsn.com (4 packs for $19.99).


Mighty Fine Clothing: Marissa McMillon

Sarah Velasco: What is the history of Mighty Fine clothing? 
Marissa McMillon: Mighty Fine, as a company, has been in the clothing business for over 15 years.  In the past year, we launched our own label for boutiques and department stores under the company's namesake.   

Sarah Velasco: What type of merchandise is sold? 

Marissa McMillon: We are focused on trendy, women's tops and graphic tees sewn from super soft fabrics with an easy to wear fit and style.  We feature original art as well as popular licenses like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and Peanuts.  In time, we will expand into bottoms and other categories.

Sarah Velasco: What is the newest collection?  Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Marissa McMillon: The newest collection is Mighty Fine's January 2012.  It is full of hippy influences so it's exploding with flowers like daisies and sunflowers along with tie dye and pastel colors.  The main vibe is Flower Power with grunge and rock thrown in for some edge.

Sarah Velasco: What is your role at the company? 

Marissa McMillon :I'm the designer of the Mighty Fine label that ships to boutiques around the U.S.

Sarah Velasco: As a designer, how do you find your inspiration? 

Marissa McMillon: I love to go vintage shopping and to visit the non-chain type clothing stores.  Los Angeles has amazing people watching, so just getting out and roaming the streets or visiting the beach towns gives me lots of ideas and inspiration.  I'm definitely so lucky to live in LA!!  Oh and the library, another endless source of inspiration that is completely free.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this industry? 
Marissa McMillon: I went to college for clothing design in Georgia, then I moved out to California for work and I've been an LA lover ever since.

Sarah Velasco: What is your story with Mighty Fine Clothing? 

Marissa McMillon: I started working here 5 years ago and worked on a couple of other lines for the company, before designing for this label.  I love creating a line for boutiques and the mom and pop stores of the world!  It's a wonderful and rewarding job where you are lucky to see people wearing your creations & ideas.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us what Mighty Fine is currently working on? What customers will see soon from the brand? 

Marissa McMillon: We are currently channeling the desert and weekend road trips along with all things 


Melanie Lyne - Rita Lee

Olive parka with belt detail
Taupe faux suede military inspired jacket with zipper detail
Leopard print knit cardigan
Indigo strapless dress
Black strapless dress
Charcoal sequined dress
Black gown with spaghetti straps

Rita Lee - Vice-President, Merchandising, Melanie Lyne.

SV: What is your schedule like? What is your role within the company?
RL: I have the top merchandising role in Melanie Lyne meaning I direct a very talented team of category managers and stylists who buy and develop the product for our stores.  My days and weeks are always packed with many internal meetings, market appointments, conference calls, store visits and travel.

SV: Did you always want to do this growing up?
RL: I always wanted to work in an ever changing environment and fashion retail was my answer to that – there is always something happening, each line and each season is different, the people are dynamic and passionate about what they do and now retail has evolved from just bricks & mortar to e-commerce, something new all the time.

SV: How does Melanie Lyne differ from Laura (Laura, Laura Petites, Laura Plus) ?
Can you tell us a little bit about the clothes? Who designs them, the process they have to go through to make each collection?
RL:Melanie Lyne appeals to the modern woman who wants the current trends that fit her ‘woman’s’ body.  She has a confident sense of style and can adapt the fashion to suit her lifestyle.
We carry dresses, coats, sportswear and accessories for career, special occasion and casual needs.   Our assortments are made up of ‘market buys’ or brands such as Jessica McClintock, Jones New York and Vex and we also develop product under our own Melanie Lyne private brand to offer a truly unique mix to our customer.  The market brands are carefully selected by our category managers from domestic and American suppliers.  Our stylists and category managers review past performance, research trends through various colour and trends services, fabric sources, travel to Europe and the U.S. for the latest fashions.  They pull together the colour stories, silhouettes and key looks for the season which will appeal to our target customer.  It is the partnership with our production team that brings the clothes to fruition and the same partnership with our visual and store teams to showcase them in our beautiful stores and offer exceptional advice and service to our ultimate consumer.

SV:Are there any particular trends we will see that will transition from fall to winter?
RL: Colour blocking, mixed media (mix of fabrics and textures in one garment), tunic looks, animal prints, fur trims (both real and faux), tweed looks and the existing colour stories of charcoal, camel, accents of red, cognac and burnt orange will definitely continue.  The ‘refined’ clean lines in career suiting and trousers continue right beside the ‘extravagant’ fur trims, sequins, velvets, pleated chiffons and ruffles associated with ‘special occasion’ dressing.

SV: Has Melanie Lyne changed over time? What has remained?
RL: Melanie Lyne has remained true to her target customer.   Her needs and lifestyle have changed over the years (eg. Casualization of the work place, need for more versatility in her clothing needs). Our clothing assortment reflects these changes.  Our stores continue to be renovated and updated to give her a modern and comfortable shopping environment. We continue to educate our sales associates with product information so they can be the most knowledgeable ‘stylists’ for our customer.  As a company we have always strived to be informed about all new trends, whether in fashion, stores, visual presentation, logistics, marketing, production or service and adapt them to suit us and our target customer.

SV: Any advice for someone wanting to get into this industry?
RL: For anyone who wants to be in the fashion retail industry, become a sales associate in a store where you are passionate about the clothes.  This is the best way to learn first hand about the clothes, what the customer wants and the entire shopping process and interaction.  It starts with listening to the customer.

Multi-colour coat with stand collar
Camel coat

These are some pieces from Melanie Lyne's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection for all of you to enjoy! (Click the pictures to enlarge)
How breathtaking is that Black Gown with Spaghetti Straps!? 
Items are available at select Melanie Lyne stores.