Terrific Items for The Holidays at La Vie en Rose

$24.95 - Red Joy S-XL
A terrific present for you or a loved one for the holidays! So comfortable and great for keeping yourself warm around the house. I love the detailing of the 3 buttons and the rubber sole. The plush faux fur on the inside is so soft. I also like that this style comes in a wide variety of colors. 
I can see some people wearing these outside as well when the weather is dry.
$14.95- Red Joy

A fun accessory for the holiday season! One size fits all, fits nicely and makes an excellent costume or fun hat.
7.95 - Red Joy O/S
An adorable stocking stuffer or gift for the holiday season! I really appreciate the anti slip grips on the bottom of the sock - it will really come in handy on non-carpeted flooring. It makes an excellent sock for around the house or to wear before you put on your boots to keep you even more warm once the temperature drops. 
 Solid Chenille Crew Socks with Feather 
7.95 - Red Joy O/S

Perfect socks to put on before you put on your ice skates! The material is so soft and is so comfortable for every occasion. I love the white trim it's so fluffy and cosy. Also a great stocking stuffer. Great to wear to bed on an extremely cold night!

These are four items from La Vie en Rose that I absolutely love from their holiday collection!  They make fantastic presents for yourself or your friends and family. All extremely comfortable and adorable.  

All items courtesy of La Vie en Rose

Some other items that caught my eye.
*I also notice that La Vie en Rose has free shipping on all orders over $75! 

Plush Moose

Knit-stich Ballerina Slippers

Dreamy Striped Robe