Joe Fresh Beauty

Joe Fresh has a beauty line that is fantastic and affordable. Perfect for this season!
I really like that all their products have simple clean-cut designs and also come in great sizes for keeping in a make- up bag or purse. They also make terrific presents or stocking stuffers for friends and family for the holidays. 

Joe Fresh Highlighter c/o Joe Fresh
Style # BF11000028
Comes in 3 Colors

This highlighter is perfect for every occasion. It has a no-mess texture and a subtle shimmer that is perfect for your cheekbones, brow bones, over your top lip, and anywhere else you desire. 
This color will look great on a wide range of skin tones and freshens your look up instantly. 
The great thing about this highlighter is that the product itself is not too obvious but, it makes a big difference. Highlighter and a lip balm are all one needs for a casual occasion, the 'no make up look' or for one that does not like the fuss of having to apply many products. That being said, this is also terrific for formal occasions.  

Joe Fresh Fine Liquid Eyeliner
Style # BE11000007

Comes in 3 Colors

This Liquid Eyeliner is a great product. The brush is fine and easy to apply and amount of product that comes out for a one stroke application is enough to achieve a casual or dressy look.

It is important for an eyeliner to be versatile in as many ways as possible, and this product is. It can be smudged for a smokier eye look, or it can be clean and precise with one line. 

Joe Fresh Beauty makes great and effective product. The outward designs are clean and simple for it to look appropriate for every age range, the products are affordable which make them excellent gifts for oneself or friends, and the products themselves are well thought out and deliver great results.  

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