Mighty Fine Clothing: Marissa McMillon

Sarah Velasco: What is the history of Mighty Fine clothing? 
Marissa McMillon: Mighty Fine, as a company, has been in the clothing business for over 15 years.  In the past year, we launched our own label for boutiques and department stores under the company's namesake.   

Sarah Velasco: What type of merchandise is sold? 

Marissa McMillon: We are focused on trendy, women's tops and graphic tees sewn from super soft fabrics with an easy to wear fit and style.  We feature original art as well as popular licenses like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and Peanuts.  In time, we will expand into bottoms and other categories.

Sarah Velasco: What is the newest collection?  Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Marissa McMillon: The newest collection is Mighty Fine's January 2012.  It is full of hippy influences so it's exploding with flowers like daisies and sunflowers along with tie dye and pastel colors.  The main vibe is Flower Power with grunge and rock thrown in for some edge.

Sarah Velasco: What is your role at the company? 

Marissa McMillon :I'm the designer of the Mighty Fine label that ships to boutiques around the U.S.

Sarah Velasco: As a designer, how do you find your inspiration? 

Marissa McMillon: I love to go vintage shopping and to visit the non-chain type clothing stores.  Los Angeles has amazing people watching, so just getting out and roaming the streets or visiting the beach towns gives me lots of ideas and inspiration.  I'm definitely so lucky to live in LA!!  Oh and the library, another endless source of inspiration that is completely free.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into this industry? 
Marissa McMillon: I went to college for clothing design in Georgia, then I moved out to California for work and I've been an LA lover ever since.

Sarah Velasco: What is your story with Mighty Fine Clothing? 

Marissa McMillon: I started working here 5 years ago and worked on a couple of other lines for the company, before designing for this label.  I love creating a line for boutiques and the mom and pop stores of the world!  It's a wonderful and rewarding job where you are lucky to see people wearing your creations & ideas.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us what Mighty Fine is currently working on? What customers will see soon from the brand? 

Marissa McMillon: We are currently channeling the desert and weekend road trips along with all things