The Perfect Valentine's Gift + $50 Giveaway

Garage has kindly offered to gift one reader with a $50 gift card and a solid perfume (Garage's much loved GRG Perfume Scent)  

Garage currently has a fantastic selection of colored denim online & in stores and are running a GIFT w/ Purchase event From February 6-14.  Garage stores will be giving away FREE CANDY with the purchase of ANY CAMI, just in time for a sweet Valentine’s Day!

How to win...

*Email: contests@sarahvelasco.com with "Garage Giveaway" on the subject line. 

Give away closes on February 3 at 11:59pm and is open to Canada and the US
The winner will be notified by email.

Good luck!

This contest is now closed and the winner has been notified. 



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Versace's Perpetuelle $1,295

Versace's Destiny Spirit $2,050

Versace's Eon $4,500
How beautiful are these Versace pieces?!
We did an interview awhile back with Mark Friedman, National Brand Manager, Carmen Jewellery Inc where he talked about Versace's watches. You can view that interview here

The Versace collection is sold at luxury jewellers across Canada.  Here are some of the stores you can find these pieces at. 


LA SWISS (Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Square One Mall, Bayshore Shopping
Kavar Jewellers
Graziella Fine Jewellers

Janina's Jewellers

British Colombia



Accessories Spring/Summer 2012

Michael Kors once said " The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for." 

Great accessories are making their way into spring fashion and it is hard to know which items to get and which items to forget. Although we often love the accessories we see on the runways, sometimes they are hard to acquire or wear in real life. 
Below is a list of great accessories for this spring and summer at Garage and Dynamite.  

1. Feather earrings

(Jessica Szohr, Jessica Biel, Gweneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice) 
Although feather jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, feather earrings & feather jewelry have recently had a huge come back

Where you can find them: 
 (left to right) Dynamite Feather earrings,  brown mix 63-9977 $12.90
Garage, large feather earring set #M200723TR01 $8.90

Dynamite and Garage's feather earrings are soft and light. Such a great accessory to add an extra oomph to your outfit. The prints on both designs are so different. The style from garage has three different layers, the Dynamite earring set has one. 
These make such a great statement pieces and come in a variety of other styles as well. 

2. Necklaces
Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Taylor Swift, Kelly Rippa
Necklaces can really tie an outfit together, and elevate a basic look. Above are some layered necklaces and heart necklaces that celebrities have been spotted in! We love that Garage and Dynamite have trendy and affordable options. These are some of our favorite pieces.
(left to right) Garage Necklace #MKN-1967 $12.90, (similar one online)  
Dynamite Rhinestone Heart Short Necklace 63-9209 $12.90
 Garage Silver Necklace MKN-1967 $12.90
3. Bangles and studs
Bangles are extremely popular, and have been seen especially with the Boho chic trend. They seem to give off a free spirit and they are great for dressing up your outfit.
(above) Jennifer Lopez,  Dynamite multi pearl/ bangle set #63-9208 $16.90
It is great to mix and match textures to create a chic and carefree look. Dynamite's Multi Pearl Bangle set is great because of all the different textures and shapes. We also love these earrings!
Dynamite 5 pack earring set in silver #63-9207 $12.90
4. Thin Belts
Skinny belts were all over the runways during the Milan and Paris Fashion week and will be classic staples all year round. Practical and chick. 
Garage and Dynamite have some great skinny belts. 
Garage Skinny Beaded Belt #64-9932 $10.90 
'Faux leather with bead details and mini metal buckle' 100% Polyurethane. The little accents of various colors and subtle detailing will make denim shorts and dresses so fun for the summer! 
Garage Skinny Braided Belt, Teal #64-9953 $6.90
This teal belt is such a nice variation from the brown braided belts we have all seen. It pairs nicely with white denim jeans, and can instantly show off your waist if you're wearing a lifeless dress. 
Lightweight belts are ideal, especially during the summer when it is so hot. This style is very light, durable, and comfortable. A must-have accessory! 
5. Cute socks
Garage Funky aztec anklet socks #64-9091 $2.90 o/s
Comfy and stylish! It's also great that they have the non-slip grip on this style. Perfect for lounging around at home as well. 

And of course....

6. Flip flops
Garage Flip Flops #64-9825 $9.90
Garage has so many different colors and patterns for flip flops. Very comfy and runs from small - large. Great to pick up a few for swimming and going to the beach!

All these items will be in stores at least a month or two, or as long as quantities last. Garage also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more! 


Interview with Lorna Burford

Lorna Burford, editor and writer of Denimblog.com

Sarah Velasco: Summarizing 2011...What has been happening at DenimBlog since we were last in touch? Can you let readers know of any additions/ changes?

Lorna Burford: We are still blogging about celebs in denim, doing denim reviews, denim interviews and more! Keeping up with all of the denim in the world! I did a collaboration with Paige Denim, we created a wash called the Lorna wash and it was released in 4 cuts, the Tristan, Skyline, Lou Lou and Laurel Canyon and I was so excited to learn that it sold really well! The site is growing every single day which is exciting and more people are loving denim! We have had a few wonderful features and worked with more amazing brands. It's definitely been a fun year with lots of growth! 

Lorna in the Tristan in Lorna Wash from her collaboration with Paige Denim
Sarah Velasco: If you could summarize denim of 2011 what would you say?

Lorna Burford: It was one of the bravest denim years so far in my opinion! So many brands went out of their comfort zone and designed jeans that wouldn't usually be designed. Bold prints, bright colours, new fabrics… It was incredible! I loved every moment of it and all of the new trends and styles popping up! Plus, it was one of the biggest years for denim, everyone wore it and everyone had fun with it! I'm excited for 2012! 

Sarah Velasco: What were the denim trends we saw ?

Lorna Burford: Waxed denim, coloured denim, jeggings, leathers and corduroy/velvet were all huge in 2011!

Sarah Velasco: Who was your favorite celeb in denim and why?

Lorna Burford: This is so tough to answer, I am going to have to cheat and mention a couple! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Alba. I adore their laid back denim style and they are always so put together, they look amazing in everything they wear! Not to mention they adore jeans! 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Jessica Alba

Sarah Velasco: Were there one pair of jeans that was your all time favorite from last year? If not, which were your favorite jeans in 2011?

Lorna Burford: I don't think I could pick just one pair! That's so tough! Obviously my Paige collaboration Lorna jeans, without a doubt, but I would also say Hudson's Nico in Chelsea, 7 For All Mankind's Gwenevere in Zuma Sunrise, Diesel Jegonfire in 880A, J Brand's 901 coated red leggings, Current/Elliott grey leopard skinnies, 7 For All Mankind purple jeggings, Ksubi Spray On Aged Blue jeans, Siwy Alexa shorts in Love Song, Paige Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Tigerlily, M2F Skinnies in Rose, James Jeans Moto jeans in Black Out, Paige Verdugo in Eternity, MET Eco-Pelle leather skinny jeans… The list is actually endless lol! 

Sarah Velasco: What was your favorite denim moment ( when a certain collection came out, a celeb spotting , a project you did etc) 

Lorna Burford: Definitely my collaboration with Paige Denim! As I mentioned above, we collaborated on a wash which came out in a few cuts and that was one of the highlights of my whole life actually, it was wonderful and so exciting! Also, actually spotting Cindy Crawford wearing the Lou Lou in Lorna! That was incredible! I was so touched! 

Moving into 2012...

Sarah Velasco: Out of all the trends you mentioned above from 2011, what do you think will keep on being popular in 2012? Which will disappear?

Lorna Burford: Coloured and waxed denim will still be really big for this year, as will animal print and leather. I think though the cords and velvet will definitely go out of style. They are more Winter fabrics. 

Sarah Velasco: What new trends are we going to see?

Lorna Burford: Trends this season for denim have really stepped up! Neons, floral prints, pastel shades and animal prints like leopard and snake skin are really popular! Leather skinny pants are also getting really big! Those are going to be huge this SS12 season! I'm very excited for the neon and pastel shades mostly! 

Sarah Velasco: What is coming back in style? 

Lorna Burford: Neon denim is coming back in style from the 80's era! It's hard to say what's coming back in style though as so many trends have stuck around for a while, skinnies and flares are still huge! Straight legs are a little more popular than they were though! 

Sarah Velasco: What should readers be looking forward to seeing?

Lorna Burford: Lots of bright and loud denim! That's definitely going to be the main thing that's spotted when it comes to denim! It's going to be a very fun year I think! 

Sarah Velasco: Can you give some advice for readers wanting to purchase one piece of denim for a wardrobe staple this season?

Lorna Burford: For Spring/Summer definitely go for a classic pair of medium/light washed skinny jeans, the cut is versatile to go with everything and the wash is perfect for the warmer weather! If you want something for Autumn/Winter, pick a dark blue skinny with a sheen to it, the wash will be perfect for the colder weather but the sheen will still add that little something! Plus you can tuck the skinnies into your boots so they don't get wet! 

View two other interviews with Lorna here and here

Vera Wang

A friend just sent me this link - an article on Vera Wang. Such an interesting article! You can view it here

She looks so incredible for her age- image from February's issue of Harper's Bazaar


Interview with Bea Santiago

Sarah Velasco: If you could summarize your modelling in 2011 what would you say? 
Bea Santiago: I took a little bit of a break from modelling so when I started working again I felt more aggressive and more confident on what I was doing.

Sarah Velasco: What was your favourite endeavour of 2011? 
Bea Santiago: My favourite endeavour would be gaining back my catalogue clients. Apparently they missed me when I left.

Sarah Velasco: What was your favourite modeling moment of 2011 and why? .
Bea Santiago: My favourite modelling moment would be shooting a whole day for 1 shot for Walmart’s Christmas print ad. Not only did they feed us,  they also let us do whatever we wanted with the fake gifts and fake snow. I went crazy!

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers a bit about Mutya ng Pilipinas beauty pageant?  

Bea Santiago: I was chosen to represent Canada to the Philippines  Apparently with the local girl, the organization went from places to places with hundreds of girls lining up to take part if the competition. There were elimination rounds  and 30 made it to the finals. There were a prejudging and each time a different judge.

Sarah Velasco: What title did you win and what happened after you won?
Bea Santiago: The title I won is for the overseas communities. After I won I went to different events, like tree planting, hosting, judging and even to cities and towns giving speeches to the youth.

Sarah Velasco: What was it like? (schedule, experience) Who did you meet?
Bea Santiago: During the pageant the schedule was hectic! No time to sleep. Everything is scheduled and everytime we ran out of time it’s taken from our sleep time so we were walking zombies by the end of the night. It came to the point where they have to feed us chocolate at the night of the pageant because we were about to collapse! ahaha
I met a lot of local celebrities and big time business people. It is very overwhelming even though I am used to of meeting new faces all the time when I model. It is different when you go to a different country and you know who they are, it’s very intimidating.

Sarah Velasco: What is the most important thing you learned from the pageant?
Bea Santiago:  The most important thing I’ve learned is to go with the flow but never forget where you came from. Always be humble and thankful. In pageants and modelling, there’s never a forever contract but yearly so always think ahead and dig deeper.

Sarah Velasco: How have you evolved as a model since you started?
Bea Santiago: I started when I was 17, before I did not care about getting any job or what but now I’m the one asking for it. 

Sarah Velasco: How do you normally prepare for a photo shoot?
Bea Santiago: I normally prepare myself by: working out, showering, make sure everything is smooth (like waxing or shaving) and I practice in the mirror what angle I look good.

Sarah Velasco: What are your plans for 2012?
Bea Santiago: This march I’m flying to Germany to compete for another pageant and hoping to go back to Philippines, this time to enjoy myself and have a tan.

Sarah Velasco: Can you give readers some advice on being in a pageant?
Bea Santiago:  I was being myself and made friends with all the girls. i was lucky because all the girls are friendly and not catty like the shows on TV
Be prepared to wear a bikini always bring Sally Hansen, always follow instructions and sleep whenever you can.

You can read another interview with Bea here


La Vie en Rose: Glow in the Dark

Bra: ($44.95) 34B-C-D-DD, 36 B-C-D-DD, 38C-D-DD
Garter: ($29.95) S/M, M/L, L/XL
Thong: ($19.95) S-XL

What: La Vie en Rose's Glow in the Dark Collection
When: Till February 15th

La Vie en Rose has come out with its first glow in the dark collection ! The Valentine's day collection is limited to the current season and will be in-stores until February 15th. These three pieces make a fantastic set and look very appealing in person. 

The glow in the dark collection is made from La Vie en Rose's illusions lace. It is a classic style they have each season in a different color. For Valentine's day they have the glow in the dark (black/ white/pink) and the red/ black color combo which is not glow in the dark 

The bra in La Vie en Rose's glow in the dark collection comes in two styles - The Demi bra and Full Coverage bra. They do fit true to size, and give the right amount of coverage depending on what one prefers (The Demi bra for less coverage).
The bra styles have such an great design. The lace detailing that La Vie en Rose created is very well constructed. The balance between the lace, flowers, and colors are both elegant and sexy. The sheer lace shows an alluring amount of skin, with the cute front bow being flirty. The flower design has replaced the standard bra strap and even goes around your shoulders, which is a nice addition!

As for comfort- this bra is very comfortable. The lace material and the front material of the bra is soft. The edges of the bra are smooth and it goes comfortably against your skin. 

The thong has such pretty detailing with the spiral designs on all the edges. It leads to one black bow on the front, and one flower at the back. The front is laced with the same material as the bra and garter. There is also a Glow in the dark illusion bikini. Other then the differences in terms of cut between bikini and thong. The bikini does not have the one flower in the back, and the flower material covers the whole front instead. 

The garter starts with a soft black band on the top with two bows on the right and left side, and also has the glow in the dark material.  

This collection is so elegant, sexy, and feminine. Although the three pieces look great together - separately, they look equally great on their own!

The glow in the dark element is such a nice addition to this set and since they are limited edition - will only be in stores till February 15!

La Vie en Rose also has a Secret Message Balm which glows in the dark as well. 

They currently have a promotion until February 5th while quantities last. If you purchase $50 worth of merchandise before tax you will get a $25 discount valid in stores only. This discount card can be used with any purchase of $50 or more before taxes and is valid from February 15 - 29 2012. Happy shopping!


Bath & Body Works: Signature Collection Pink Chiffon

WHAT: Signature Collection Pink Chiffon (Newest Scent from Bath + Body Works) Launching in February! 
WHERE: Bath & Body Works

Sparkling Mandarin, Red Pear, Peach Nectar, Wild Berries
Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Apple Blossom
Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Chiffon Musk 

".... fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E to hydrate skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer."

Pink Chiffon Signature Collection Shower Gel 295ml/ 10 FL OZ
Pink Chiffon Triple Moisture Body Cream $12.50 226g / 8 OZ 

c/o Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Triple Moisture Body Cream is a daily must-have item to use. It is especially a great cream for keeping in your gym bag before and after swimming. 
The Triple Moisture Body Cream has such a great texture and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. I highly recommend it for winter because it is not just a regular lotion. Instead, it is a great alternative that moisturizes extremely well, and does not leave your skin feeling oily. 

The Scent of Pink Chiffon is a fantastic scent. It has the sweet smell of romance and is excellent for Valentine's Day. The scent leaves you feeling feminine and leaves a subtle scent of all its ingredients (without it being just vanilla, or just coconut). I think it will appeal to all ages.

Pink Chiffon has a little floral to it, but just enough for it to not be overwhelming. The lotion and shower gel leave a pretty scent on your skin, even after hours after you apply it. Romantic, sweet, and flirty, Pink Chiffon is an excellent scent from Bath & Body. It is memorable and light enough for everyday wear. 

Shower Gel ($11.00)Body Lotion ($11.00)
Fragrance Mist ($14.00),
Eau De Toilette ($29.50)
Body Cream ($12.50)
Shimmer & Shea Shimmer Mist ($14.00)
6oz Shimmer Body Cream ($12.50)



Volcom - be bold one piece swimsuit

Love the design of this swimsuit, unfortunately it is currently sold out at urbanoutfitters.com

(There has been a unique viewer count of over 4,821 on this post so far - two days after I posted this. Just want to thank readers so much for the amazing emails that you write in!) For all of you that would like to email in you can at info@sarahvelasco.com

Urban Outfitter Treats

 Ecote Tall Suede Fringe Boot: Urban Outfitters

I didn't find many stores in Bloomington, Indiana this weekend so I had a chance to spend time at the Urban Outfitters there. 

I was lucky to snag some terrific items like these boots featured above. These three styles are extremely comfortable and versatile. 

Jason Wu for Target

"Target is partnering with Jason Wu, celebrated New York-based designer, to introduce an affordable, limited-edition collection of women’s apparel, handbags and scarves. Jason Wu for Target brings a mix of modern, sophisticated pieces in bold hues and feminine prints that women everywhere will love. The designer collection is inspired by the vision of an American girl in Paris, bringing Jason Wu’s signature aesthetic and attention to detail to Target’s guests at incredible prices.

Ranging in price from $19.99 to $59.99 for apparel and $19.99 to $49.99 for handbags and scarves, Jason Wu for Target will be available Feb. 5 through March 6, 2012 at most Target stores and on Target.com."

Above are some of our favorite items and looks from the collection! Such fantastic pieces for spring. The items will be in most Target stores and on Target.com from February 5- March 6, 2012.

You can view the entire collection here

Bath & Body Works: Pink Chiffon

WHAT: Signature Collection Pink Chiffon (Newest Scent from Bath + Body Works) Launching in February! 
WHERE: Bath & Body Works

Sparkling Mandarin, Red Pear, Peach Nectar, Wild Berries
Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Apple Blossom
Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Chiffon Musk "

Shower Gel ($11.00)
Body Lotion ($11.00)
Fragrance Mist ($14.00),
Eau De Toilette ($29.50)
Body Cream ($12.50)
Shimmer & Shea Shimmer Mist ($14.00)
6oz Shimmer Body Cream ($12.50)

Fashion Chalet

Fashion Chalet is one of the blogs sites I visit regularly. She is currently giving away a Balenciaga bag on her blog

Be sure to enter for a chance to win!


Valentine's Day Cards for a loved one

"justWink ™
Making it first holiday debut, Carlton Cards introduces justWink ™, a new kind of card collection perfect for Gen Y and beyond. The justWink ™ Valentine’s Day cards are fresh and relevant and celebrate the holiday in an entirely new way. Check out the justWink ™app that can be downloaded for free from the Android Market and iTunes App Store, giving users 24/7 access to the complete everyday collection. Cards can also be sent via SMS (for “instant greetification”), and via email and Facebook."
You can visit www.just-wink.com or www.facebook.com/justwink.

Funny + Perfect for a boyfriend
For a guy
(The heart on the card is on a piece of cork. It adds a special detail and makes this card unique)
From a guy
Sweet + cute
For a husband
 Great material on the exterior + very sweet content on the interior. 
For a wife
Funny+ sweet on the inside

The middle material is separate from the rest of the card and the 'I love you' is on delicate pink ribbon
A special card for a loved one

The great thing about Carlton Cards is that they provide so many options. You can make your cards to a loved one personal and make your Valentine's Day special. 
All these cards have such fantastic designs and you can tell that each card was well - thought out. The quality of the content and material of the card is excellent.
As one that appreciates the arts and how something is designed the materials in each card are really great. Each card is very different from the other and I recommend that you visit a location that carries these cards. It will add an extra something to your gift to your loved one this Valentine's Day!

I highly recommend to visit stores and see the cards in person. 

"Hyper Pop-ups™

Hyper Pop-ups™ are as dazzling as they are delightful and are guaranteed to deliver the “wow factor this Valentine’s Day.  The cards feature amazing audio, synchronized lights that make the pop-up scene come to life."

This card is proof of how far technology has come especially within the last ten years! The interior of the card is amazing. The pop- up feature is so intricately designed, and the light effects are on such a high level. Such detail is put into this card, and will truly make a memorable gift.  

"Standing Ovations™

Standing Ovations™ give a new meaning to the term “grand opening”.  Illustrated Valentine’s Day themes jump off the page perfectly paired with sound and music for a card receiving experience one won’t soon forget.  As dazzling as they are delightful, Standing Ovations will receive much applause."

This card is much larger than the standard card and expands once it is opened. It makes a huge statement and features playful and fun music that cannot be ignored. It will make a fun and extremely memorable card for your valentine!
You can find these cards and more designs from Carlton Cards at select drug stores, grocery stores, and retailers as well as in Carlton Cards stores.

"About Carlton Cards Ltd.
Carlton Cards Canada is a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation with corporate headquarters located in Mississauga, Ontario. ..greeting cards are found under the brand names of Carlton Cards, American Greetings, Gibson, Papyrus, Recycled Greeting Papers, Tender Thoughts and, for French-speaking consumers Entre Nous and Tout en Tendresse"
You can visit their website at : http://carltoncards.ca/