Accessories Spring/Summer 2012

Michael Kors once said " The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for." 

Great accessories are making their way into spring fashion and it is hard to know which items to get and which items to forget. Although we often love the accessories we see on the runways, sometimes they are hard to acquire or wear in real life. 
Below is a list of great accessories for this spring and summer at Garage and Dynamite.  

1. Feather earrings

(Jessica Szohr, Jessica Biel, Gweneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice) 
Although feather jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, feather earrings & feather jewelry have recently had a huge come back

Where you can find them: 
 (left to right) Dynamite Feather earrings,  brown mix 63-9977 $12.90
Garage, large feather earring set #M200723TR01 $8.90

Dynamite and Garage's feather earrings are soft and light. Such a great accessory to add an extra oomph to your outfit. The prints on both designs are so different. The style from garage has three different layers, the Dynamite earring set has one. 
These make such a great statement pieces and come in a variety of other styles as well. 

2. Necklaces
Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Taylor Swift, Kelly Rippa
Necklaces can really tie an outfit together, and elevate a basic look. Above are some layered necklaces and heart necklaces that celebrities have been spotted in! We love that Garage and Dynamite have trendy and affordable options. These are some of our favorite pieces.
(left to right) Garage Necklace #MKN-1967 $12.90, (similar one online)  
Dynamite Rhinestone Heart Short Necklace 63-9209 $12.90
 Garage Silver Necklace MKN-1967 $12.90
3. Bangles and studs
Bangles are extremely popular, and have been seen especially with the Boho chic trend. They seem to give off a free spirit and they are great for dressing up your outfit.
(above) Jennifer Lopez,  Dynamite multi pearl/ bangle set #63-9208 $16.90
It is great to mix and match textures to create a chic and carefree look. Dynamite's Multi Pearl Bangle set is great because of all the different textures and shapes. We also love these earrings!
Dynamite 5 pack earring set in silver #63-9207 $12.90
4. Thin Belts
Skinny belts were all over the runways during the Milan and Paris Fashion week and will be classic staples all year round. Practical and chick. 
Garage and Dynamite have some great skinny belts. 
Garage Skinny Beaded Belt #64-9932 $10.90 
'Faux leather with bead details and mini metal buckle' 100% Polyurethane. The little accents of various colors and subtle detailing will make denim shorts and dresses so fun for the summer! 
Garage Skinny Braided Belt, Teal #64-9953 $6.90
This teal belt is such a nice variation from the brown braided belts we have all seen. It pairs nicely with white denim jeans, and can instantly show off your waist if you're wearing a lifeless dress. 
Lightweight belts are ideal, especially during the summer when it is so hot. This style is very light, durable, and comfortable. A must-have accessory! 
5. Cute socks
Garage Funky aztec anklet socks #64-9091 $2.90 o/s
Comfy and stylish! It's also great that they have the non-slip grip on this style. Perfect for lounging around at home as well. 

And of course....

6. Flip flops
Garage Flip Flops #64-9825 $9.90
Garage has so many different colors and patterns for flip flops. Very comfy and runs from small - large. Great to pick up a few for swimming and going to the beach!

All these items will be in stores at least a month or two, or as long as quantities last. Garage also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more!