Interview with Lorna Burford

Lorna Burford, editor and writer of Denimblog.com

Sarah Velasco: Summarizing 2011...What has been happening at DenimBlog since we were last in touch? Can you let readers know of any additions/ changes?

Lorna Burford: We are still blogging about celebs in denim, doing denim reviews, denim interviews and more! Keeping up with all of the denim in the world! I did a collaboration with Paige Denim, we created a wash called the Lorna wash and it was released in 4 cuts, the Tristan, Skyline, Lou Lou and Laurel Canyon and I was so excited to learn that it sold really well! The site is growing every single day which is exciting and more people are loving denim! We have had a few wonderful features and worked with more amazing brands. It's definitely been a fun year with lots of growth! 

Lorna in the Tristan in Lorna Wash from her collaboration with Paige Denim
Sarah Velasco: If you could summarize denim of 2011 what would you say?

Lorna Burford: It was one of the bravest denim years so far in my opinion! So many brands went out of their comfort zone and designed jeans that wouldn't usually be designed. Bold prints, bright colours, new fabrics… It was incredible! I loved every moment of it and all of the new trends and styles popping up! Plus, it was one of the biggest years for denim, everyone wore it and everyone had fun with it! I'm excited for 2012! 

Sarah Velasco: What were the denim trends we saw ?

Lorna Burford: Waxed denim, coloured denim, jeggings, leathers and corduroy/velvet were all huge in 2011!

Sarah Velasco: Who was your favorite celeb in denim and why?

Lorna Burford: This is so tough to answer, I am going to have to cheat and mention a couple! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Alba. I adore their laid back denim style and they are always so put together, they look amazing in everything they wear! Not to mention they adore jeans! 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Jessica Alba

Sarah Velasco: Were there one pair of jeans that was your all time favorite from last year? If not, which were your favorite jeans in 2011?

Lorna Burford: I don't think I could pick just one pair! That's so tough! Obviously my Paige collaboration Lorna jeans, without a doubt, but I would also say Hudson's Nico in Chelsea, 7 For All Mankind's Gwenevere in Zuma Sunrise, Diesel Jegonfire in 880A, J Brand's 901 coated red leggings, Current/Elliott grey leopard skinnies, 7 For All Mankind purple jeggings, Ksubi Spray On Aged Blue jeans, Siwy Alexa shorts in Love Song, Paige Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Tigerlily, M2F Skinnies in Rose, James Jeans Moto jeans in Black Out, Paige Verdugo in Eternity, MET Eco-Pelle leather skinny jeans… The list is actually endless lol! 

Sarah Velasco: What was your favorite denim moment ( when a certain collection came out, a celeb spotting , a project you did etc) 

Lorna Burford: Definitely my collaboration with Paige Denim! As I mentioned above, we collaborated on a wash which came out in a few cuts and that was one of the highlights of my whole life actually, it was wonderful and so exciting! Also, actually spotting Cindy Crawford wearing the Lou Lou in Lorna! That was incredible! I was so touched! 

Moving into 2012...

Sarah Velasco: Out of all the trends you mentioned above from 2011, what do you think will keep on being popular in 2012? Which will disappear?

Lorna Burford: Coloured and waxed denim will still be really big for this year, as will animal print and leather. I think though the cords and velvet will definitely go out of style. They are more Winter fabrics. 

Sarah Velasco: What new trends are we going to see?

Lorna Burford: Trends this season for denim have really stepped up! Neons, floral prints, pastel shades and animal prints like leopard and snake skin are really popular! Leather skinny pants are also getting really big! Those are going to be huge this SS12 season! I'm very excited for the neon and pastel shades mostly! 

Sarah Velasco: What is coming back in style? 

Lorna Burford: Neon denim is coming back in style from the 80's era! It's hard to say what's coming back in style though as so many trends have stuck around for a while, skinnies and flares are still huge! Straight legs are a little more popular than they were though! 

Sarah Velasco: What should readers be looking forward to seeing?

Lorna Burford: Lots of bright and loud denim! That's definitely going to be the main thing that's spotted when it comes to denim! It's going to be a very fun year I think! 

Sarah Velasco: Can you give some advice for readers wanting to purchase one piece of denim for a wardrobe staple this season?

Lorna Burford: For Spring/Summer definitely go for a classic pair of medium/light washed skinny jeans, the cut is versatile to go with everything and the wash is perfect for the warmer weather! If you want something for Autumn/Winter, pick a dark blue skinny with a sheen to it, the wash will be perfect for the colder weather but the sheen will still add that little something! Plus you can tuck the skinnies into your boots so they don't get wet! 

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