La Vie en Rose: Glow in the Dark

Bra: ($44.95) 34B-C-D-DD, 36 B-C-D-DD, 38C-D-DD
Garter: ($29.95) S/M, M/L, L/XL
Thong: ($19.95) S-XL

What: La Vie en Rose's Glow in the Dark Collection
When: Till February 15th

La Vie en Rose has come out with its first glow in the dark collection ! The Valentine's day collection is limited to the current season and will be in-stores until February 15th. These three pieces make a fantastic set and look very appealing in person. 

The glow in the dark collection is made from La Vie en Rose's illusions lace. It is a classic style they have each season in a different color. For Valentine's day they have the glow in the dark (black/ white/pink) and the red/ black color combo which is not glow in the dark 

The bra in La Vie en Rose's glow in the dark collection comes in two styles - The Demi bra and Full Coverage bra. They do fit true to size, and give the right amount of coverage depending on what one prefers (The Demi bra for less coverage).
The bra styles have such an great design. The lace detailing that La Vie en Rose created is very well constructed. The balance between the lace, flowers, and colors are both elegant and sexy. The sheer lace shows an alluring amount of skin, with the cute front bow being flirty. The flower design has replaced the standard bra strap and even goes around your shoulders, which is a nice addition!

As for comfort- this bra is very comfortable. The lace material and the front material of the bra is soft. The edges of the bra are smooth and it goes comfortably against your skin. 

The thong has such pretty detailing with the spiral designs on all the edges. It leads to one black bow on the front, and one flower at the back. The front is laced with the same material as the bra and garter. There is also a Glow in the dark illusion bikini. Other then the differences in terms of cut between bikini and thong. The bikini does not have the one flower in the back, and the flower material covers the whole front instead. 

The garter starts with a soft black band on the top with two bows on the right and left side, and also has the glow in the dark material.  

This collection is so elegant, sexy, and feminine. Although the three pieces look great together - separately, they look equally great on their own!

The glow in the dark element is such a nice addition to this set and since they are limited edition - will only be in stores till February 15!

La Vie en Rose also has a Secret Message Balm which glows in the dark as well. 

They currently have a promotion until February 5th while quantities last. If you purchase $50 worth of merchandise before tax you will get a $25 discount valid in stores only. This discount card can be used with any purchase of $50 or more before taxes and is valid from February 15 - 29 2012. Happy shopping!