Valentine's Day Cards for a loved one

"justWink ™
Making it first holiday debut, Carlton Cards introduces justWink ™, a new kind of card collection perfect for Gen Y and beyond. The justWink ™ Valentine’s Day cards are fresh and relevant and celebrate the holiday in an entirely new way. Check out the justWink ™app that can be downloaded for free from the Android Market and iTunes App Store, giving users 24/7 access to the complete everyday collection. Cards can also be sent via SMS (for “instant greetification”), and via email and Facebook."
You can visit www.just-wink.com or www.facebook.com/justwink.

Funny + Perfect for a boyfriend
For a guy
(The heart on the card is on a piece of cork. It adds a special detail and makes this card unique)
From a guy
Sweet + cute
For a husband
 Great material on the exterior + very sweet content on the interior. 
For a wife
Funny+ sweet on the inside

The middle material is separate from the rest of the card and the 'I love you' is on delicate pink ribbon
A special card for a loved one

The great thing about Carlton Cards is that they provide so many options. You can make your cards to a loved one personal and make your Valentine's Day special. 
All these cards have such fantastic designs and you can tell that each card was well - thought out. The quality of the content and material of the card is excellent.
As one that appreciates the arts and how something is designed the materials in each card are really great. Each card is very different from the other and I recommend that you visit a location that carries these cards. It will add an extra something to your gift to your loved one this Valentine's Day!

I highly recommend to visit stores and see the cards in person. 

"Hyper Pop-ups™

Hyper Pop-ups™ are as dazzling as they are delightful and are guaranteed to deliver the “wow factor this Valentine’s Day.  The cards feature amazing audio, synchronized lights that make the pop-up scene come to life."

This card is proof of how far technology has come especially within the last ten years! The interior of the card is amazing. The pop- up feature is so intricately designed, and the light effects are on such a high level. Such detail is put into this card, and will truly make a memorable gift.  

"Standing Ovations™

Standing Ovations™ give a new meaning to the term “grand opening”.  Illustrated Valentine’s Day themes jump off the page perfectly paired with sound and music for a card receiving experience one won’t soon forget.  As dazzling as they are delightful, Standing Ovations will receive much applause."

This card is much larger than the standard card and expands once it is opened. It makes a huge statement and features playful and fun music that cannot be ignored. It will make a fun and extremely memorable card for your valentine!
You can find these cards and more designs from Carlton Cards at select drug stores, grocery stores, and retailers as well as in Carlton Cards stores.

"About Carlton Cards Ltd.
Carlton Cards Canada is a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation with corporate headquarters located in Mississauga, Ontario. ..greeting cards are found under the brand names of Carlton Cards, American Greetings, Gibson, Papyrus, Recycled Greeting Papers, Tender Thoughts and, for French-speaking consumers Entre Nous and Tout en Tendresse"
You can visit their website at : http://carltoncards.ca/