Second denim Co. Interview with founder Eric Wazana

Eric Wazana
Can you tell readers about the history of SECOND Denim Co.? How did the company start? 

After running my own clothing boutique in the United States, I felt that the "real customers" were being ignored; when it came to Jeans, they were always forced to make a choice between style, price, and quality, never able to choose all three features. I always had a passion for denim and a flair for fashion returned to Montreal to start up my own brand. My goal was to create a denim company for "real people" that would finally satisfy all of their needs. That's when SECOND then came alive, with a mission to offer fashionable and top quality products, produced in North America and sold at a reasonable price.
SECOND is a promising and sought after brand. Overtime, it has grown from being a small women's denim line to an established brand offering a variety of collections to individuals of all age groups. We are now available in the hottest boutiques across Canada and in growing numbers in the United States- SECOND continues to grow! With each season bringing more recognition from world renowned press than the other, our SECOND jeans has an expanding public, eager to see what the brand has in store for them.

For readers that are new to the brand, what makes Second jeans unique?
Second is a premium quality denim brand that provides its customers with 100% North American made garments in the finest denims and fabrics available across the World.

Our company is continuously searching the globe for the latest trends and fabrics to bring you premium class denims and styles. Innovative ideas and extensive research is what brings groundbreaking fashions to our collections season after season. Our commitment to quality and style is apparent through our unique denim washes and specially formulated treatments; each denim garment is distressed; individually hand-rubbed, nicked and reworked to give it a unique character which ensures that none of our garments are exactly alike. Further washed with silicone, the comfort of our Jeans is greatly enhanced. With a focus on fit, quality, and style, our SECOND jeans fit like a Second skin!
Appreciated and recognized across America, it is our Company's objective to provide our loyal customers with the best products existing. All items in our SECOND Collections are created and produced in North America using top industry standards, therefore ensuring superior and guaranteed best quality products.

How would you describe Second's Yoga jeans in terms of cut, comfortability etc?
Jeans are not generally associated with perfect comfort. They tend to impede the large movements of the body and restrain any unusual stretching. But Second has changed all that! Combining fashion and comfort, SECOND Yoga Jeans are perfect for a lifestyle where the emphasis is on well-being, and where flexibility and relaxation are part of daily life. Made of top-quality denim containing 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane, SECOND Yoga Jeans hug the curves of the body in any position. They fit the ups and downs of a hectic day and metamorphose into laid-back fashion in the evening. For those who rack up air miles, SECOND Yoga Jeans are the ideal transatlantic traveling companion, because SECOND uses denim with 92% shape memory, while the industry standard is only 64%. And thanks to their revolutionary treatment, the cuts and styles actually shape, hold and lengthen the body and help mask its defects.Multifunctional and perfectly malleable, SECOND Yoga Jeans are offered in regular cut, low-cut and extra-low cut. The legs can be flared, straight or legging style. Every season, SECOND offers a wide range of cutting-edge and trendy fashion, designed and produced entirely in Montreal.

Are there any upcoming things that readers can look forward to? (New products, colors, etc)? 
-Rock n' roll jeans, ultra-soft or shiny fabrics, sumptuous velour stretch; a range of inviting, new textiles that keep you warm and toasty
-The skinny jean is still in evidence, but it has competition: straight, flared and motorcycle bodies.
-The most remarkable comeback : finely ribbed corduroy; soft, stretch and utterly lovable.
-Leather looks: new materials that look great, but are incredibly comfortable, and wash and dry like a charm

Can you recommend 3 must-items/ trends for our readers?
1-This summer is all about color. Our Spring-Summer line has a great choice of soft pastels and sorbet colours, as well as an electric blueberry and punchy strawberry colours. We’re also giving the skinny jean some competition and seeing more bootcuts and flares. A gorgeous Medium Waist Boot cut in Peach colour is a must!!! 
2-Denim is a canvas for every wardrobe and everyone needs to have a few basic washes on hand. Go for overdye blacks and dark denim blues, which can easily be dressed down for casual day attire or up for a fabulous night out. Versatility is key! A must have is definitely a High Rise Straight Leg in Overdye Black 
3- For summer, the White Yoga jean is a star staple. SECOND’s white denim goes beyond the flattering cut and extreme comfort with it’s sensational opaque white colour that hides everything but your lovely curves. Mid or High Rise in a Slim Straight or Boot Cut – every style goes!

How does the process of making Eco Jeans differ from non eco friendly jeans? 
SECOND is dedicated to two things: designing the most flattering jeans and helping the world we live in. Using organic cotton for its ECO JEANS collection, SECOND makes it possible to be fashionable with the “green” factor. 

Our ECO JEANS are fabricated from certified organic cotton, use 50% less water during washing and are treated with only non-toxic, chemical-free dyes. Every SECOND garment is made exclusively in Canada and is individually handcrafted to guarantee that only the most environmentally friendly production processes are upheld. By supporting our efforts of using only the safest environmental resources for our products, our customers are individually contributing to bettering the world we live in!” 

Where can readers purchase SECOND products? 
Visit www.secondclothing.com for our up to date Store Locator.


Oscar's 2012

Many of you emailed in asking what my favorite Oscar dress was. 

There were so many gorgeous gowns but my favorite one would have to be.... Milla Jovovich in Elie SaabShe also wore Jacob and Co jewelry and a purse by Edie Parker
Milla looked absolutely stunning with her curled updo and red lips. 

La Vie en Rose Spring 2012

Two fantastic items to know about at La Vie en Rose

What: La Vie en Rose's Feather-lite Adhesive Cup Bra
Price: $40
Size: A- D
Colors: Black, Nude
Features: strapless, backless, self adhesive

"A strapless, backless and effortlessly elegant bra that's guaranteed to keep in place what nature intended. The cups' adhesive procures extremely lightweight, comfortable support, and is perfectly concealed under all types of clothing. Available in two colours, to match your outfit."

This bra design is perfect for backless, strapless and halter dresses. It is the solution to so many wardrobe problems. 
This bra is to easy to wear and does not shift once it is worn. The recommended number of wears is 5-10, however with the right care it will work many times more after that. 
The packaging provides instructions and it is hand washable. It also comes in clear plastic case great for storage.
The exterior of the bra is similar to La Vie en Rose's material on their other types of bras (like their lightly padded bra). It is very soft and functional. It will keep everything in place. It has a great amount of support while being comfortable and lightweight. It is perfectly concealed under clothing.  
I highly recommend this style when you want a backless dress to look its best. This feather-lite adhesive cup bra will be an asset to your outfit!    

What: La Vie en Rose's Strapless Elegance 
Price: $69.95
Sizes: S-XL
Material: 83% Nylon 17% Elastane. Lining: 100% Nylon
Features: Designed in Canada

"Maximum sun exposure in exteme elegance. Think Grace Kelly! This very flattering ruched two toned suit is made to highlight your best features by covering as little as possible. Simply add over Sized Hat for perfect look!"

Comes with a set of ties to attach to the swimsuit to make into a halter top. 

This swimsuit style 'Strapless Elegance' has fantastic cutting. The design of the one-piece interweaves and alternates between the black and white creating a nice, flattering architectural feel and design. 
There is medium padding, and there is the elegant La Vie en Rose logo on the side of the suit. The material is extremely comfortable and slimming - it flatters and highlights your best features! A very fashionable and elegant number to wear poolside.  


Miracle Skin Transformer BODY SPF20 Review

$34 / 3.38 oz 
"Instantly hide imperfections, cellulite, and spider veins…
Miracle Skin Transformer BODY SPF20
This high-performance tinted body enhancer leaves a natural looking glow to skin all year round. Natural active ingredients and antioxidants zero in on your body’s skincare concerns, giving skin a total transformation as it instantly works to enhance the appearance of arms, legs and décolleté. Apply for a totally fresh, flawless and glowing look.  Available in three shades: Glow, Bronze and Sheer."

What: Miracle Skin Transformer BODY SPF20 

"A high performance tinted treatment body enhancer with a silicone base that gives the body a total transformation by optimizing skin rejuvenation for smoother, suppler, more radiant looking skin.... instantly transforms the appearance of arms, legs and décolleté...Use all year round."

Features: Formulated WITHOUT Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicls, Phthalates, Triclosan. 

Key Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Soy Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acids, Organic Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract, Marine ingredients

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 

This is an excellent moisturizer plus more. The moisturizing qualities leaves your skin feeling so soft. Has great absorbing qualities and does not leave your skin feeling oily.
No glitter, no sparkle and no mess. 

There are three types: Sheer Enhancer (clear), Glow Enhancer (light to medium) Bronze Enhancer (medium to dark skins). 

For medium skin tones choosing between the Glow Enhancer and Bronze Enhancer, I recommend glow enhancer for those that want to cover up uneven skin tone, or even skin tone, and Bronze Enhancer if you want a hint of bronze. 

I have not noticed any transfer of color unlike many other tinted lotions on the market. 
Great item to have on days during the summer, or during warmer temperatures. Would be terrific also as a bronzer for your legs on a night out. There is no streaking, and there is great coverage and a good amount of control. You can build on it to get darker or a light glow while looking natural!

Available at www.miracleskintransformer.comSephora, and Bergdorf Goodman in NYC


Shopping Treats February 2012

Managed to get some quick shopping done at the Harborplace mall & around that area while I was in Baltimore for an audition. Below are some pieces I picked up. 

Ann Taylor Colorblocked Sleeveless Turtleneck
Ann Taylor Striped Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee
Ann Taylor: Twisted Tulle Front Short Sleeve Tee
Ann Taylor Crystalline Top

Ann Taylor Loft Stripe Saddle Shoulder Cardigan

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Tinsel Dress
Urban Outfitters Silence and Noise Noisemaker Dress
Urban Outfitters MinkPink Animal Kingdom Short

Urban Outfitters Insight Sweet Jane Skirt
Urban Outfitters Ecote Geo Sweater Skirt
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Hooded Cape Coat
Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Suede Sherpa Moto Coat 

Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Coincidence & Chance Hooded Coat

There were some really nice items that were purchased but I couldn't find the images online. Some were part of the vintage renewal from Urban Outfitters, which made really fantastic statement pieces. 
Have a great weekend! 


Chromatic Gallerie

Chromatic Gallerie Style: Round 3
Color: Just Say Noir
Price: $88
Materials: Leather, rubber

2.5" Heel

  • Purple interior with Chromatic Gallerie logo
  • Purple exterior sole with traction at the bottom
  • Rubber Sole
  • Extra padding insole
This is a great wardrobe essential - perfect choice for work, excellent wardrobe staple, extremely comfortable, and good quality leather. Fits true to size. The padding on the inside is well thought out and you can tell that this high heel shoe will not do your body harm in the long run! Great arch support and traction with the rubber sole

Below is a bit  about Chromatic Gallerie- a new brand

"Chromatic Gallerie, founded by Chris Luhur in Fall 2011, features a versatile collection of women’s shoes in a multitude of colors and patterns that help women express their personal style.  Focusing on fit, each shoe is available in various heel heights, widths and sizes to choose from.

Chromatic Gallerie shoes can be worn in all occasions, used as both a work shoe to something of a fashion statement; the collection truly has something for every occasion - and outfit! The launch line features staple colors such as black, brown, navy, and nude to a selection of trendy fashion colors.

Chromatic Gallerie realizes that everyone does not have the same foot shape therefore providing women with more choices in ‘fits’ for their shoes.  Other characteristics of the shoes that make it more comfortable include extra padding in the insole, arch support, rubber soles, and a sturdy heel."

Retail Price: $88 for all pumps

H20 Marine Calm Collection Review

(left to right: Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream with Green Tea, Marine Calm Rescue Serum, Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex with Green Tea, Marine Calm Balancing Toner, Marine Calm Gentle Creamy Cleanser) courtesy of H20

"Soothe, soften and calm sensitive skin with a new line from H2O Plus rich in sea-derived ingredients specifically selected to address anti-aging benefits, increase skin resilience, and reduce inflammatory irritation on stress-prone skin.

H2O Plus, leaders in marine-based skincare, introduces the Marine Calm™ collection, a complete regimen of five products expertly formulated for customers with sensitive skin. H2O Plus’s proprietary calming collection contains signature marine-elements combined with targeted soothing agents such as unique, nourishing ingredients like coconut and almond milk, chamomile and ginger root for radiant, healthy skin."

The packaging for this whole collection is so great and its products are great for your skin. Highly recommend to purchase the whole collection.

Price: $32 US/ $37 CAD for 0.5 fl oz
Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Paraguay tea, Red Marine Algae
Features: Targets dark circles, lines, wrinkles. Protects skin while brightening area for rested appearance. Reduces puffiness and decreases dark under eye circles. Free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances.
This eye cream is wonderful and non-irritating. With sensitive skin, pure ingredients are so important to ensure there is no sort of irritation or aggravation. This product is gentle and does not leave any sticky residue. After trying it for a few days, there has been a reduced amount of puffiness and dark circles that had formed from stress and lack of sleep.

Price: $38 US/ $44 CAD for 1 fl oz
Instructions: Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning
Key Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Yarrow Extract, Brown Algae, Spirulina
Features: moisture-intensive serum to sooth skin, promote recovery, support elasticity. Free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances
This is a great serum that has a very natural scent with quick absorbency on skin contact. It relieves dryness and makes skin feel more toned and smooth. Soothes skin and does not irritate. It also makes an excellent make up primer or base.

Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex with Green Tea
Price: $35 US / $40 CAD for 1.3 fl oz
Instructions: Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning.
Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Aloe, Sea Kelp Extracts
Features: protects sensitive skin and repairs damaged cells, daily defense of sensitive skin. Free of dyes and fragrances
This lotion is a medium weight lotion that moisturizes well and gives a nice cooling refreshing sensation. It has nice absorbency and leaves skin feeling smooth and not oily. Light spa-like scent, it leaves skin supple and does not clog pores. Excellent especially for sensitive skin.  

Marine Calm Balancing Toner
Price: $18 US/ $21 CAd for 6.7 fl oz
Instructions: Dampen a cotton pad and use over face and neck
Key Ingredients: Sea Kelp Extracts, Ginger Root Extract, Bisabolol
Features: refines texture, relieves redness, soothes skin. protects and conditions. Free from parabens, dyes, fragrances
Toner is one of the most important steps in my skin care routine. I always need something gentle for sensitive skin, yet strong enough to effectively have great, clean skin results. This toner is great and does not dry skin. Cleanses and tones well and relieves and soothes skin.

H20's Marine Calm collection is fantastic and goes above and beyond everything you need in a skin care line. It has nice packaging, products are free from dyes and fragrances, and all of the products keep your skin clean healthy and looking great. Highly recommend this entire the whole collection!

H20 Plus products are available through the company's retail stores, Ulta locations nationwide and online at www.h20plus.com


Nina Shoes

c/o Nina Shoes 

Nina: Women's Pallie Platform Sandal

Nina Style: Pallie - LS
Color: Black
Price: was $110 at Nordstrom (currently sold out there), was $109 is now $89.99 at Lord and Taylor 

Materials: Synthetic and fabric lining, manmade leather sole, satin upper

Description: Luster Satin. 
Glitter mesh wrapped heel and platform, adjustable ankle strap buckle, lightly padded footbed
5" Heel with 1" Platform

  • 5 hole adjustable strap
  • Metallic gold accents on the inside
  • Grip at the bottom of the shoe
  • Nina New York logo in the interior
Don't let the height of the heel scare you! The Pallie by Nina is extremely comfortable to walk in, and light weight enough so it won't weigh you down. The 1" + platform makes the height of the heel less steep and the lightly padded footbed ensures total comfort for a night out. 
The straps on the front are intricately placed in such a way that it makes this stand out from other black shoes on the market. The satin straps are soft and adds overall comfort.
This is such a great shoe for a night out to add subtle sparkle to your outfit. I can see these also worn during the daytime - balancing the shoes out with something more rugged for a casual look with a twist. 
This style runs true to size. Extremely comfortable and chic. I highly recommend this style. 
It can work for so many occasions and is absolutely worth purchasing. 

"Nina Footwear is one of the few family-run fashion companies in the shoe business. In the early 1950s, Mike and Stanley Silverstein were strolling around New York when they saw a woman walk by in wood bottom sandals. They asked her about where she had bought them, and when she named a chic boutique in the city, the two brothers knew the time was right to launch their reinterpretation of the clog -- a sexy, platform slide with a wood stiletto-like heel. It was this simple slide that launched Nina Footwear. Today, Nina's sexy, well-priced shoes are widely featured in fashion magazines. A favorite of the "splurge vs. steal" columns, Nina is frequently shown as the only fashion item under $100 along side of shoes priced from $300-$700.

Nina also has a ' Design your own' feature on their website where you can customize your preferences on shoes and earrings. They have a wedding shop section, handbags, kids and blog. 


Lululemon Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials: (click images to enlarge) courtesy of Lululemon
What: Lululemon Slipless Headband 
Price: $12 CAD
Color: Comes in a variety of colors
Fabric: 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra Spandex
Features: a silicone grip that holds your hair in place and a fabric that pulls sweat away from your head while keeping the headband in place.
Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathable material

Size: o/s with a width of 15/8"
Great for: Everyday and workout activities including yoga and running

This headband is fantastic. 
Having very straight and fine hair, headbands always have a tendency to slip off at some point during the day or during a workout. Lululemon's Slipless Headband is a perfect solution for that problem! Not only is the material of the headband extremely soft and fitted, it does above and beyond what a headband is supposed to do. 
The design is chic and comes in a variety of colors. The silicone grip prevents the headband from moving and keeps your hair in place. It minimizes the amount you have to adjust and fix your hair - keeping you more focused on the task at hand! This is a terrific accessory to use for a variety of sports as well as for casual, everyday wear. 

Highly recommend this product if you need a something to keep your hair in place while doing activities such as yoga, ballet, and volleyball!

What: Lululemon The Mat

Price: $68 CAD

Color: comes in a variety of colors

Fabric: polyurethane, natural rubber
Features: a comfortable mat to cushion your hands and feet with rubber, polyurethane coating to keep your grip even when you sweat, antimicrobial to prevent mold/ mildew/ fungi, ultra absorbent to soak up sweat and moisture (so you don't slip)
Instructions: wash with warm soapy water and detergent or baking soda

Size: o/s 71" long x 26"wide (dimensions) 5mm (thickness)
Weight: 5.5 lbs, 2.5kg
Great for: Yoga

This mat is as great and perfect for yoga! It is fantastic in functionality and is durable while being extremely comfortable. The top layer stays grippy even during hot temperatures. 
For yoga, I think a towel is always necessary to prevent slipping and sliding. However, this mat allows a towel to be optional. Of course, a towel is always great to have, but Lululemon's yoga mat is fantastic because of its excellent grip. It makes you feel safe and the surface does not get extremely slippery like many other mats on the market. You feel stronger in your poses. 
This mat really absorbs sweat well. 
The natural rubber base has a nice cushioned side which is great because you can use both sides of the yoga mat and have different surfaces. Both sides are cushioned nicely and have the right amount of thickness to it. Wrists, knees etc are protected more are left comfortable. They do not hurt from the hardness of the bare floor
For all those that practice yoga or are thinking of trying it out, this mat is a must-have item. 

What: Lululemon Bike Om Bag
Price: $44 CAD
Color: comes in a variety of colors

Fabric: nylon
Features: a bag that is long-lasting, water-resistant and light weight for your yoga essentials

Size: o/s  29" x 6.5 " x 6.5"
Great for: Carrying your yoga mat and some other items including a water bottle, towel, other items ie gym shorts, ipod

This Lululemon Bike Om gym bag is thoughtfully designed. All Lululemon bags are so durable and convenient, to store items in an organized and practical manner. 
This bag is designed so that your yoga mat can be carried to and from the studio on your bike. It is long and wide enough to fit all of Lululemon's yoga mats and has a removable, adjustable strap that secures your mat when biking or walking to the yoga studio. There is also a reflective zip pocket that provides easy storage for bike keys & studio cards. It is also big enough to store a pair of rolled up gym shorts or an ipod. The exterior bungee pockets fit a water bottle or mat towel.
This is such a great bag for yoga because the bag is lightweight and extremely durable. With the weight of a yoga mat and all ones other necessities, especially on a bike - you need something durable, waterproof and lightweight! 
This goes above and beyond what you would need to store your yoga essentials and Lululemon thinks of everything including the reflective zipper, mesh detailing (which provides ventilation for your yoga towel if you have one), and a bag that can be expanded and collapsed without taking up much space.

It is exciting so see Lululemon stores in so many places in Canada and the US. You can find store locations here

Interview with BAGGU

The team at BAGGU apple picking last fall

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers about Baggu? How did the company start?
Sydney Harris: Baggu was founded by mother-daughter pair Joan & Emily Sugihara in early 2007. California dweller Joan shops by car for a family of five and “wanted to make it affordable to switch from disposable to reusable shopping bags.” On the opposite coast, Emily shops on foot in New York City, and needed a bag that fit in her purse for unexpected errands. Both loved the environmental as-pect of the totes: In one year, a BAGGU can replace the use of 300 to 700 disposable bags.    

Sarah Velasco: What is your role at Baggu? What is your schedule like?
Sydney Harris: We work 10-6, Monday through Friday and have a lot of fun working from our Williamsburg, Brooklyn design studio. We're a small company, there are 9 of us. We all wear many hats. 

Sarah Velasco: For readers that are new to the brand, what makes Baggu unique?
Sydney Harris: Baggus come in 50+ colors and patterns, and appeal to the more design conscious customer. We're sold at stores like the MoMA design store, Urban Outfitters, and J. Crew.

Sarah Velasco: What types of products does Baggu carry? 
Sydney Harris: Bags! We carry bags in Recycled Canvas, Rip Stop Nylon, and most recently: Leather. 

Sarah Velasco: How has the brand change/ evolved since it started? If so, how?
Sydney Harris: We started out with 8 colors in the Standard Baggu reusable shopping bag, and have expanded to carrying Leather Bags and Pouches, Recycled Cotton Duck Bags and Backpacks, and our brand new Laptop and iPad Sleeves which are made of 100% recycled materials! 

Sarah Velasco: Can you recommend 3 must-have products for our readers?
Sydney Harris: Just 3?! A Standard Baggu to tuck into your purse, backpack, or pocket for impromptu shopping. Some people even use this as their everyday bag.
A Large Zipper Set for carrying a change of clothes or shoes, for organizing a travel bag, or even your closet. 
Small Leather arm Bag in Black- this bag looks like a black plastic bag from a bodega from afar, but is super chic and made of the softest Argentine leather. It's also sewn in Manhattan, which we love. 

Sarah Velasco: Are there any upcoming things that readers can look forward to? (New products, colors, etc)?
Sydney Harris: Everyone loves animals, so we're introducing a super cute Sea Horse printed Baggu in April. Or, if you're more into celestial prints- a Moon Cycle Bag, also available on our site in April. 

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers purchase Baggu products?
Sydney Harris:  www.BAGGU.com