Glossy Box: Essie Nail Lacquer, BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist Review

6 products (left to right):  Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Anti-aging Restorative Cream, (above) Essie Nail Lacquer, Elizabeth Grant Skincare Moisturizing Stick, Oscar de la Renta Live in Love Body Lotion, Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream, and (above) BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist

You can read more about it here or on their official Canadian site: www.glossybox.ca

Essie Nail Lacquer in Neo Whimsical 

Essie's Neo Whimsical- if I am correct, was introduced when The Essie Art of Spring 2010 Nail Polish Collection came out.
The color comes in a 13.5 ml bottle from GlossyBox and is a terrific spring shade. 
I find that the application is easy and the brush ensures smooth application. The nail lacquer is quick to dry and this shade is a pretty natural color. The color makes a great everyday shade for your nails. Neo whimsical would make an excellent choice for a look that is clean and polished.  
I like that the color is still vibrant and shiny after a few days. I find that some nail polishes tend to became more matte after 2-3 days.
Tip: I would start with a base than add two coats of color - making sure that you let each coat dry before applying the next. 
BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist
Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist will remove bacteria from your products while keeping them looking new 
Instructions: Hold Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 6 inches / 15cm from product surface and mist once.
I think that this product is great - I never thought I needed to sanitize my make up because I use a brush cleanser. I can only imagine how much bacteria ends up in products (especially with frequent use for long periods of time!) This is a quick and easy solution to ensure that your make up is clean and stays clean.
You can read some frequently asked questions about the product here

I found this interesting 
"Staphylococcus Aureus is a group of bacteria that can cause a multitude of diseases because of infection of various tissues of the body. Staphylococcus is more familiarly known as Staph (pronounced “staff”)
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is an opportunistic bacterium that lives in soil, water, and even in environments like hot tubs and on cosmetic items.
Escherichia coli (commonly abbreviated E. coli) – is the name of a germ or bacterium, that lives in the digestive tracts of humans and animals."