H20 Marine Calm Collection Review

(left to right: Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream with Green Tea, Marine Calm Rescue Serum, Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex with Green Tea, Marine Calm Balancing Toner, Marine Calm Gentle Creamy Cleanser) courtesy of H20

"Soothe, soften and calm sensitive skin with a new line from H2O Plus rich in sea-derived ingredients specifically selected to address anti-aging benefits, increase skin resilience, and reduce inflammatory irritation on stress-prone skin.

H2O Plus, leaders in marine-based skincare, introduces the Marine Calm™ collection, a complete regimen of five products expertly formulated for customers with sensitive skin. H2O Plus’s proprietary calming collection contains signature marine-elements combined with targeted soothing agents such as unique, nourishing ingredients like coconut and almond milk, chamomile and ginger root for radiant, healthy skin."

The packaging for this whole collection is so great and its products are great for your skin. Highly recommend to purchase the whole collection.

Price: $32 US/ $37 CAD for 0.5 fl oz
Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Paraguay tea, Red Marine Algae
Features: Targets dark circles, lines, wrinkles. Protects skin while brightening area for rested appearance. Reduces puffiness and decreases dark under eye circles. Free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances.
This eye cream is wonderful and non-irritating. With sensitive skin, pure ingredients are so important to ensure there is no sort of irritation or aggravation. This product is gentle and does not leave any sticky residue. After trying it for a few days, there has been a reduced amount of puffiness and dark circles that had formed from stress and lack of sleep.

Price: $38 US/ $44 CAD for 1 fl oz
Instructions: Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning
Key Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Yarrow Extract, Brown Algae, Spirulina
Features: moisture-intensive serum to sooth skin, promote recovery, support elasticity. Free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances
This is a great serum that has a very natural scent with quick absorbency on skin contact. It relieves dryness and makes skin feel more toned and smooth. Soothes skin and does not irritate. It also makes an excellent make up primer or base.

Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex with Green Tea
Price: $35 US / $40 CAD for 1.3 fl oz
Instructions: Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning.
Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Aloe, Sea Kelp Extracts
Features: protects sensitive skin and repairs damaged cells, daily defense of sensitive skin. Free of dyes and fragrances
This lotion is a medium weight lotion that moisturizes well and gives a nice cooling refreshing sensation. It has nice absorbency and leaves skin feeling smooth and not oily. Light spa-like scent, it leaves skin supple and does not clog pores. Excellent especially for sensitive skin.  

Marine Calm Balancing Toner
Price: $18 US/ $21 CAd for 6.7 fl oz
Instructions: Dampen a cotton pad and use over face and neck
Key Ingredients: Sea Kelp Extracts, Ginger Root Extract, Bisabolol
Features: refines texture, relieves redness, soothes skin. protects and conditions. Free from parabens, dyes, fragrances
Toner is one of the most important steps in my skin care routine. I always need something gentle for sensitive skin, yet strong enough to effectively have great, clean skin results. This toner is great and does not dry skin. Cleanses and tones well and relieves and soothes skin.

H20's Marine Calm collection is fantastic and goes above and beyond everything you need in a skin care line. It has nice packaging, products are free from dyes and fragrances, and all of the products keep your skin clean healthy and looking great. Highly recommend this entire the whole collection!

H20 Plus products are available through the company's retail stores, Ulta locations nationwide and online at www.h20plus.com