Lululemon Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials: (click images to enlarge) courtesy of Lululemon
What: Lululemon Slipless Headband 
Price: $12 CAD
Color: Comes in a variety of colors
Fabric: 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra Spandex
Features: a silicone grip that holds your hair in place and a fabric that pulls sweat away from your head while keeping the headband in place.
Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathable material

Size: o/s with a width of 15/8"
Great for: Everyday and workout activities including yoga and running

This headband is fantastic. 
Having very straight and fine hair, headbands always have a tendency to slip off at some point during the day or during a workout. Lululemon's Slipless Headband is a perfect solution for that problem! Not only is the material of the headband extremely soft and fitted, it does above and beyond what a headband is supposed to do. 
The design is chic and comes in a variety of colors. The silicone grip prevents the headband from moving and keeps your hair in place. It minimizes the amount you have to adjust and fix your hair - keeping you more focused on the task at hand! This is a terrific accessory to use for a variety of sports as well as for casual, everyday wear. 

Highly recommend this product if you need a something to keep your hair in place while doing activities such as yoga, ballet, and volleyball!

What: Lululemon The Mat

Price: $68 CAD

Color: comes in a variety of colors

Fabric: polyurethane, natural rubber
Features: a comfortable mat to cushion your hands and feet with rubber, polyurethane coating to keep your grip even when you sweat, antimicrobial to prevent mold/ mildew/ fungi, ultra absorbent to soak up sweat and moisture (so you don't slip)
Instructions: wash with warm soapy water and detergent or baking soda

Size: o/s 71" long x 26"wide (dimensions) 5mm (thickness)
Weight: 5.5 lbs, 2.5kg
Great for: Yoga

This mat is as great and perfect for yoga! It is fantastic in functionality and is durable while being extremely comfortable. The top layer stays grippy even during hot temperatures. 
For yoga, I think a towel is always necessary to prevent slipping and sliding. However, this mat allows a towel to be optional. Of course, a towel is always great to have, but Lululemon's yoga mat is fantastic because of its excellent grip. It makes you feel safe and the surface does not get extremely slippery like many other mats on the market. You feel stronger in your poses. 
This mat really absorbs sweat well. 
The natural rubber base has a nice cushioned side which is great because you can use both sides of the yoga mat and have different surfaces. Both sides are cushioned nicely and have the right amount of thickness to it. Wrists, knees etc are protected more are left comfortable. They do not hurt from the hardness of the bare floor
For all those that practice yoga or are thinking of trying it out, this mat is a must-have item. 

What: Lululemon Bike Om Bag
Price: $44 CAD
Color: comes in a variety of colors

Fabric: nylon
Features: a bag that is long-lasting, water-resistant and light weight for your yoga essentials

Size: o/s  29" x 6.5 " x 6.5"
Great for: Carrying your yoga mat and some other items including a water bottle, towel, other items ie gym shorts, ipod

This Lululemon Bike Om gym bag is thoughtfully designed. All Lululemon bags are so durable and convenient, to store items in an organized and practical manner. 
This bag is designed so that your yoga mat can be carried to and from the studio on your bike. It is long and wide enough to fit all of Lululemon's yoga mats and has a removable, adjustable strap that secures your mat when biking or walking to the yoga studio. There is also a reflective zip pocket that provides easy storage for bike keys & studio cards. It is also big enough to store a pair of rolled up gym shorts or an ipod. The exterior bungee pockets fit a water bottle or mat towel.
This is such a great bag for yoga because the bag is lightweight and extremely durable. With the weight of a yoga mat and all ones other necessities, especially on a bike - you need something durable, waterproof and lightweight! 
This goes above and beyond what you would need to store your yoga essentials and Lululemon thinks of everything including the reflective zipper, mesh detailing (which provides ventilation for your yoga towel if you have one), and a bag that can be expanded and collapsed without taking up much space.

It is exciting so see Lululemon stores in so many places in Canada and the US. You can find store locations here