Second denim Co. Interview with founder Eric Wazana

Eric Wazana
Can you tell readers about the history of SECOND Denim Co.? How did the company start? 

After running my own clothing boutique in the United States, I felt that the "real customers" were being ignored; when it came to Jeans, they were always forced to make a choice between style, price, and quality, never able to choose all three features. I always had a passion for denim and a flair for fashion returned to Montreal to start up my own brand. My goal was to create a denim company for "real people" that would finally satisfy all of their needs. That's when SECOND then came alive, with a mission to offer fashionable and top quality products, produced in North America and sold at a reasonable price.
SECOND is a promising and sought after brand. Overtime, it has grown from being a small women's denim line to an established brand offering a variety of collections to individuals of all age groups. We are now available in the hottest boutiques across Canada and in growing numbers in the United States- SECOND continues to grow! With each season bringing more recognition from world renowned press than the other, our SECOND jeans has an expanding public, eager to see what the brand has in store for them.

For readers that are new to the brand, what makes Second jeans unique?
Second is a premium quality denim brand that provides its customers with 100% North American made garments in the finest denims and fabrics available across the World.

Our company is continuously searching the globe for the latest trends and fabrics to bring you premium class denims and styles. Innovative ideas and extensive research is what brings groundbreaking fashions to our collections season after season. Our commitment to quality and style is apparent through our unique denim washes and specially formulated treatments; each denim garment is distressed; individually hand-rubbed, nicked and reworked to give it a unique character which ensures that none of our garments are exactly alike. Further washed with silicone, the comfort of our Jeans is greatly enhanced. With a focus on fit, quality, and style, our SECOND jeans fit like a Second skin!
Appreciated and recognized across America, it is our Company's objective to provide our loyal customers with the best products existing. All items in our SECOND Collections are created and produced in North America using top industry standards, therefore ensuring superior and guaranteed best quality products.

How would you describe Second's Yoga jeans in terms of cut, comfortability etc?
Jeans are not generally associated with perfect comfort. They tend to impede the large movements of the body and restrain any unusual stretching. But Second has changed all that! Combining fashion and comfort, SECOND Yoga Jeans are perfect for a lifestyle where the emphasis is on well-being, and where flexibility and relaxation are part of daily life. Made of top-quality denim containing 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane, SECOND Yoga Jeans hug the curves of the body in any position. They fit the ups and downs of a hectic day and metamorphose into laid-back fashion in the evening. For those who rack up air miles, SECOND Yoga Jeans are the ideal transatlantic traveling companion, because SECOND uses denim with 92% shape memory, while the industry standard is only 64%. And thanks to their revolutionary treatment, the cuts and styles actually shape, hold and lengthen the body and help mask its defects.Multifunctional and perfectly malleable, SECOND Yoga Jeans are offered in regular cut, low-cut and extra-low cut. The legs can be flared, straight or legging style. Every season, SECOND offers a wide range of cutting-edge and trendy fashion, designed and produced entirely in Montreal.

Are there any upcoming things that readers can look forward to? (New products, colors, etc)? 
-Rock n' roll jeans, ultra-soft or shiny fabrics, sumptuous velour stretch; a range of inviting, new textiles that keep you warm and toasty
-The skinny jean is still in evidence, but it has competition: straight, flared and motorcycle bodies.
-The most remarkable comeback : finely ribbed corduroy; soft, stretch and utterly lovable.
-Leather looks: new materials that look great, but are incredibly comfortable, and wash and dry like a charm

Can you recommend 3 must-items/ trends for our readers?
1-This summer is all about color. Our Spring-Summer line has a great choice of soft pastels and sorbet colours, as well as an electric blueberry and punchy strawberry colours. We’re also giving the skinny jean some competition and seeing more bootcuts and flares. A gorgeous Medium Waist Boot cut in Peach colour is a must!!! 
2-Denim is a canvas for every wardrobe and everyone needs to have a few basic washes on hand. Go for overdye blacks and dark denim blues, which can easily be dressed down for casual day attire or up for a fabulous night out. Versatility is key! A must have is definitely a High Rise Straight Leg in Overdye Black 
3- For summer, the White Yoga jean is a star staple. SECOND’s white denim goes beyond the flattering cut and extreme comfort with it’s sensational opaque white colour that hides everything but your lovely curves. Mid or High Rise in a Slim Straight or Boot Cut – every style goes!

How does the process of making Eco Jeans differ from non eco friendly jeans? 
SECOND is dedicated to two things: designing the most flattering jeans and helping the world we live in. Using organic cotton for its ECO JEANS collection, SECOND makes it possible to be fashionable with the “green” factor. 

Our ECO JEANS are fabricated from certified organic cotton, use 50% less water during washing and are treated with only non-toxic, chemical-free dyes. Every SECOND garment is made exclusively in Canada and is individually handcrafted to guarantee that only the most environmentally friendly production processes are upheld. By supporting our efforts of using only the safest environmental resources for our products, our customers are individually contributing to bettering the world we live in!” 

Where can readers purchase SECOND products? 
Visit www.secondclothing.com for our up to date Store Locator.