Interview with Brandon Svarc: Founder and Designer of Naked & Famous Denim

Brandon Svarc founder and designer of Naked & Famous Denim

SV: Can you tell us about yourself? What is your role at Naked and Famous Denim?

Brandon Svarc: My family has been in the apparel and workwear industry for over 60 years, so denim is in my blood! I am the founder and designer of Naked & Famous Denim.

SV: Can you tell our readers about Naked and Famous Denim's history as a company? 

Brandon Svarc: We launched the brand 4 years ago in Feb 2008 to make fun of celebrity obsessed culture and the ridiculous idea that something is better value if its endorsed by a famous person. We just want to make badass jeans for a fair price. Since then we have sold our jeans to great stores in over 32 countries worldwide!

SV: What makes the brand and its products different from other denim companies?

Brandon Svarc: What makes us different is this strange new concept we have called “product value”. Instead of selling sex and glamour and celebrity, we just sell jeans. No designs, no washes, no embroidery, no advertising… just denim. We proudly make our products in Canada and will never move production to China like 99% of denim brands. And, we have some of the most innovative and incredible fabrics like cashmere blend denim, glow in the dark denim, raspberry scratch-n-sniff denim, 32oz heaviest denim in the world, silk blend denim and more!  

Rasberry Scratch-N-Sniff Denim 
32oz heaviest denim in the world

SV: How do the fabrics from Japan differ from those elsewhere?

Brandon Svarc: Gosh, I can talk to you for 4 hours about this, but to some it up super quickly… 1) the machines – Shuttle loomed selvedge denim is a cult fabric which is made on old looms and is all about quality over mass production. 2) Rope dyeing – The dyeing process creates a unique warp yarn that results in a denim that fades more beautifully than any other in the world. 3) The Water – The PH balance and mineral content of the water in Okayama is unlike any other in the world and creates a unique and unbeatable quality fabric.

SV: Can you give our readers some advice on finding the perfect fit of denim?

Brandon Svarc: It’s all about proportion. If you are a short and wider guy, don’t but bootcut jeans which makes your foot look smaller and your legs look short which makes you look shorter and wider than you really are. (or for that matter don’t wear bootcut ever since its not 1994.) We have a fit called WeirdGuy which is a tapered leg and fits almost everyone since its shaped like a human leg. Wider at the thigh and tapered down to a small leg opening.

SV: Other than denim, what other products do you carry? 

Brandon Svarc: Shirts, hoodies, belts, bags, jackets, wallets, cardigans, bowties.

SV: Have there been any major changes since Naked and Famous Denim started? Will there be any up and coming changes?

Brandon Svarc: Yes, we are launching  a full womens collection for FW12 season and I’m super excited about it! We’ll start with just jeans for women and then add new fun stuff as time goes on.

SV: What is your number 1 best seller right now?

Brandon Svarc: Skinny solid black jeans for guys. Everyone needs a great basic like these and ours are really well priced.

SV: What colors/ styles will we see for Spring ' 12 and going into Summer '12

Brandon Svarc: We have so many new styles and colors… red denim, hemp blend, silk blend, vintage blue, gauze double weave and so much more…

SV: Where can we purchase items from Naked and Famous? 

Brandon Svarc: We sell to great stores in 32 countries. In Canada we sell to at least 1 store in every province
...  Holt Renfrew is our biggest account in Canada. In the USA at Barneys and many great boutiques. We also sell online from our web shop www.tateandyoko.com