Interview with Debbie Leavitt, creator of Sheswai

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself?  
Debbie Leavitt: I'm a proud Cali girl born & raised. I believe in peace, love, happiness...glamour and painted nails.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into the business? 
Debbie Leavitt: Since I was a young girl I've loved to paint nails. Naturally my career progressed into nail styling for the fashion and beauty industries.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about your role as creator of Sheswai
Debbie Leavitt: My role as the creator of Sheswai naturally evolved from my passion of natural nail care, into a desire to create a polish brand of my own.

Sarah Velasco: What is your schedule like?
Debbie Leavitt: My schedule varies, which I love! Some days I am on set styling the nails for fashion editorials, ad campaigns, or commercials. Other days we are busy brainstorming and watching colors for future Sheswai collections. Our motto here at HQ (head-quarters) is: 'Make it fun, get it done.'...and we do!

Sarah Velasco: What is the significance of "Sheswai" How did you decide on what to call the brand?
Debbie Leavitt: Sheswai (pronounced she-sway) is a name I made up. It refers to the way a woman moves…she sways;-)

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers what makes the Sheswai lacquer special?
Debbie Leavitt: Sheswai Lacquer is the smart choice for a polished nail. With a 3 FREE formula and a deep opacity, Sheswai color is tried, true, and on trend.
Sheswai Lacquer is a sexy, fun, bold & bright, pop of color in an eco-chic bottle.

Sarah Velasco: What colors are in for this spring, and what colors should readers start wearing in the summer?
Debbie Leavitt: We really love a bright nail around here. I always recommend that one should go with what they're most comfortable wearing, however polish is a fun way to experiment. It's only polish, you can take it right off ;-) Our favorites for Spring are 'babe' and 'stoked' for a pop of color, and 'so pretty' is perfect for Summer to show off that golden glow. We truly believe that all Sheswai colors are the perfect accessory anytime of year.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about some nail trends that we should try out? 
Debbie Leavitt: We are all for experimenting...we love to layer our colors! For example, try a coat of babe or stoked and layer a coat of so pretty on top. It gives an already bright color a bit of opalescence.

Sarah Velasco: What are some major differences in nail colors between this year and last year?
Debbie Leavitt: With nail polish being such a strong force in the beauty industry, it’s allowed for some really innovative color options. From the deepest darks, to the many shades of grey, anything goes.

Sarah Velasco: Could you give readers four essential nail tips or regimes?
Debbie Leavitt: My favorite hot tip is to keep it natural; nothing is more glamorous than a well groomed natural nail. To achieve this I recommend investing in cuticle nippers to trim those pesky hangnails before temptation to bite them off occurs. Also moisturizing with good 'ol olive oil. On the hands & body this is a tried & true natural remedy. I also prefer skipping a base coat. Less is more! Also being mindful of what you feed your body & mind. Happy thoughts and healthy treats go a very long way.

Sarah Velasco: What are the most common misconceptions about nails?
Debbie Leavitt: That people don't notice...they do! And being that our nails are our best accessory they should reflect that. Good grooming!

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us which colors will look great on every skin tone?  
Debbie Leavitt: Unless you choose a soft & sheer color, there really is no one size fits all for color. It's personal preference.

Sarah Velasco: Do you have any tips on finding the 'perfect' or 'right' shade for our skin tone?  
Debbie Leavitt:Choose colors that compliment your own unique natural tone. And most importantly, make you happy!

Sarah Velasco: How has Sheswai changed or evolved since the company started? 
Debbie Leavitt:We've been growing steadily since our launch in 2009. Our collection has developed from 7 shades to now 14 colors.

Sarah Velasco: Are there going to be any changes? 
Debbie Leavitt:We intend to keep evolving while staying consistent with our formula for great on trend colors.

Sarah Velasco: What can readers look foward to at Sheswai? (new colors coming out etc) 
Debbie Leavitt: More More More.