The Crystal Bra interview with Mister Fox

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers about the brand? How did The Crystal Bra start?

Mister Fox: The Crystal Bra is a design by FACTORY FOX, a creative collective and blog lead by Mister Fox and Barbara V based on fashion, art, and music. Our goal was to create a bra that is so beautiful and shiny, that it would glamorize your whole outfit by putting it on. That became The Crystal Bra.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? What is your role at The Crystal Bra?
Mister Fox: My name is Mister Fox and I’m a designer, singer, and generally my purpose in life is to inspire and entertain people. I’m incredibly proud of this bra and I never could’ve dreamed that so many people around the world would glamorize their life with our bra. It’s great!

Sarah Velasco: How are the bras made? What makes them unique?
Mister Fox: The Crystal Bra is handmade with much love and dedication in our atelier in Antwerp. The bra is so unique because it’s a timeless statement bra that instantly adds glamour to your whole outfit without being too obvious.

Sarah Velasco: Are there just the two types? (The Silver and Black)
Mister Fox: Yes, that’s correct. Currently, we have the silver and black Crystal Bras in our assortment, with more colors, bras and additional features to come in the future. How fabulous would it be if you could build a whole collection of glitter bras throughout your life?!

Sarah Velasco: Can you let readers know how to care for this bra?
Mister Fox: Every bra is delivered with an extra pouch of ‘crystals’ and sequins, so that if there happens anything unexpected, it can always be repaired. We advise to hand wash of steam the bra to maintain the best quality.

Sarah Velasco: Any tips on how to style The Crystal Bra?
Mister Fox: There are plenty ways to style it! You can create a stunning outfit with your Crystal Bra and a transparent blouse, which is super trendy, or create a more covering outfit with a basic top and a low collar. Also, for the summer and to go out it’s very nice to cut out the left and right side of a T-shirt so that you have a very classy and cool show off.

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers purchase the bra?
Mister Fox: The Crystal Bra is exclusively available through the website we created for it: www.TheCrystalBra.com. We offer worldwide shipping for free and if your bra doesn’t fit, you can always exchange into the right size for free.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any up and coming things happening that readers should look forward to or know about?
Mister Fox: We are always developing new products and techniques to invent ourselves. To get updated and find out the inside details on all of this, like our Facebook page: