Medicine Mama's Bee Magic Wand Review

"Introducing a new, certified-organic, all-in-one lip and face balm that combines the healing properties of pure honey bee ingredients to heal, soothe and moisturize the skin. 

Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic Wand can be used for:

BEE MAGIC WAND PRODUCT Sweet Bee Magic Wand   All In One Lip and Face Balm

·         Chapped Lip Remedy
·         Shaving Burn Care
·         Daily Moisturizer
·         Overnight Skin Nutrition
·         Cold Sore Relief
·         Cut Scrape & Bite Relief
·         After-sun Support
·         Rash, Burn & Scar Repair
Mirroring the process of what bees create to nourish their Queen and keep the hive healthy, Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic Wand blends purifying propolis, healing antimicrobial honey, protective beeswax, and moisturizing avocado oil with extra virgin olive to create an all-purpose healing want that you can take on the go. "

Products that work well and are multi-functional are always great and convenient items to carry on you throughout the day. The size of this product is bigger then a normal chap stick. It is big enough for easy and hassle-free application anywhere yet small enough to conveniently store in your purse. 
The scent has a slightly sweet honey scent which is very natural and its ingredients are pure. I always think it is so important to apply natural products to your lips because they are so close to your mouth. This makes an excellent spot applicator for anywhere that is dry, especially for your face and lips. 

Available: At natural retails nationwide including Whole Foods and Sprouts and online via www.medicinemamasapothecary.com

Price: $12.95