Must-Have Beauty Product: Tatcha Beauty Papers

ProductTatcha Petal Fresh Original Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers 
Price: $12 / 30 Sheets Each Size 3.74 " x 3.74 "
Ingredients: 100% abaca leaf, gold flake Made Without: mineral oil, synthetic color, fragrance, powder or pulp
What it is: " All- natural leaflets which absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere"
How it is different: Will not steal moisture from the skin or disturb makeup. Powder-free. Fragrance-free. Pulp-free. 
How to use: Pat a single leaflet on face, starting with T-Zone. Both sides can be used.

For those who have never used blotting papers before, I highly recommend giving them a try. Perfect for when you are out and do not have access to a face cleanser and water, blotting papers remove excess oils and leave your skin shine-free. You do not have to use powders and excess products, and they are also perfect for keeping your skin fresh without having to touch up your make up.  
Tatcha beauty papers are unique because they are made in Japan with 100% abaca leaf with specks of gold flakes in the paper. I think it is fantastic that they are also 100% biodegradable and natural. The size of the beauty papers are slightly larger than the other blotting papers I have used in the past and it covers more surface area. They are terrific because they are powder free and scent free and the papers themselves are thin and dainty. They do the job well leaving skin fresh, and absorbing oil while keeping make up in place. In addition, these beauty papers do not dry out your skin and leave you feeling fresh and comfortable. 
All of Tatcha's products are in such beautiful packaging, and Tatcha beauty papers are the perfect beauty product to use no matter where you are. 

About the product : "TATCHA beauty papers were originally created by gold craftsmen to protect the precious metal they hammered into whisper-thin leafing to enrobe the majestic pavilions of Imperial Japan. Their gold-leaf artistry transformed the supporting paper into aburatorigami, an incredibly soft, strong and absorbent leaflet ideal for removing excess oils from delicate skin. How our geisha discovered that this precious by-product of the artisan’s alchemy could help create a perfect canvas for her makeup and keep her skin petal-fresh throughout the night remains a mystery. But the benefits of her ancient beauty secret remain unsurpassed to this day."