Violent Lips

Price: $14.95 contains 3 lip appliquéesWhat: Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos
Where to Purchase: Violent Lips, Ulta Beauty, Sephora or view their store locator
Features: Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMO's, Triclosan
1. Remove appliqué from the stencil. Make sure your lips are dry, clean, and free from any product
2. Measurement #1: Align and center the top edge of the appliqué to the top edge of your lips. Measure the width of your lips with your mouth open to a relaxed 'Ahh' shape
3. Cut the width to your measurements using the vertical dotted lines as guides
4. Measurement #2. Measure the depth of your lips with your mouth open to a relaxed 'Ahh' shape. The depth of the appliqué should match your outer lip. The appliqué should not go inside your lip (where your lips naturally stay wet)
5. Cut the depth to your measurements using the horizontal dotted lines as guides. 
6. This step applies to the top lip only. Gently fold the appliqué in half. This makes applying the appliqué to the curve of your top lip easier. 
7. Peel the plastic film off the appliqué
8. While keeping your mouth in the relaxed 'Ahh' shape, apply the sticky side of the appliqué to your lips. Generously soak the paper backing in water using a cotton ball or sponge until the paper backing slides off easily.
9. Seal and smooth the appliqué with a generous amount of water using your cotton ball. Repeat Steps for bottom lip.

Follow the instructions on the back of each application or watch Violent Lips' online tutorials to help apply the product. The tattoo itself is applied and sealed using water, much like a temporary tattoo. The patent-pending appliqué removes easily with mineral or baby oil and a textured wipe

Lasts between 4-8 hours depending on skin type and care
To remove: Saturate the lips with mineral oil or baby oil. Wait 60- 90 seconds then wipe off with a textured wipe. 

Tutorial video at violentlips.com

I love the idea of these. What a perfect accessory for nights out and special occasions. I can see some of these being terrific for Halloween and similar occasions.

Application is straight forward and will get easier the more times you use these.

This is such fun way to do something different with your makeup that you can't do by yourself
Seeing these types of designs and patterns on the runway has never been more simple to recreate!

Violent Lips has created a great product that it sticks on well. The color is vibrant and stays on for long periods of time.

I always do a bit of research before trying any beauty product and thought it was fantastic they had a tutorial video on their official website showing you how to put these on. Even without the video, you still will find application straightforward ( especially if you have applied temporary tattoos in the past)

Cutting the tattoo is the ‘hardest’ part, but that can be easily practiced with a plain piece of paper. You could shape some plain white paper to your lips and use the perfected shape on the lip tattoos themselves as well.

Placing the tattoo is the most important part but the great thing is once you place the sticky part down you can still move it and place it on your lips again, just as long as you haven't soaked it with water yet.

Take your time for the first time and it'll work out beautifully. Your lips will be daring and glamorous! Such a great accessory.