Caudalie Eau De Raisin/ Grape Water

"Since its launch 15 years ago, Caudalie – the leading cosmetic brand in France – has conquered the international market thanks to its high end beauty products which are as effective as they are natural.

Caudalie uses the exceptional antioxidant power of the grape and the vine to protect the skin from free radicals and delay visible signs of aging by offering products that respect women’s skin as well as the environment.

Caudalie now launches its newest line of products in Canada: Vinosource.

 is a unique plant-based, extrasensory and extremely natural solution for all skin types, from the most dehydrated to the most sensitive. This moisturizing line offers products with tailored formulas, some of which are very light, perfect for the warm weather that is upon us."

Three must-have beauty products for the summer from Caudalie are:

What: Organic Grape Water 
What it is: A soothing, moisturizing spray for all skin types including extremely sensitive skin
Instructions: Mist onto skin, do not rub in after spraying. 
Price: $18/ 200 mL
Ingredients: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Water, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Juice, Nitrogen
Features: 100% Natural and Organic. Made in France. Fragrance- Free. Against Animal Testing. 

From the packaging, Caudalie Grape Water is made of 100% organic grapes. It is extracted directly from grapes during the harvests and can be used as a toner after cleansing or to refresh and hydrate skin. 
I think it is important to use a Water Spray everyday and I have tried a variety of brands over the years. I find that Water Sprays improve skin, and clear up imperfections. I find this Eau de Raisin by Caudalie a nice change from the Water Sprays I always use. 
It is fragrance free, and the texture is very light and fresh. It absorbs quickly and is perfect for when a morning, or mid-day boost is needed. The way it sprays has to be my favorite amongst all other ones I've tried in the past. It covers good surface area, evenly disperses, and only needs to be sprayed once for one application.  
Normally, I use Water Sprays after cleansing and moisturizing. I spray a light mist all over my face. I also always use it after makeup application to set the makeup for the day. I find this grape water improves powder based foundations so much. It mattifies everything, giving a really smooth, dewey finish.
You can use this product for everything, anywhere on your skin. It makes perfect for traveling, especially when you need to freshen up after a long airplane flight. It will soothe sunburn after being in the sun for too long as well. I also find it very convenient to use after shaving / waxing. It reduces facial redness and inflammation after workout, and this is a fantastic product that can be used in so many ways. 

Review of Caudalie's S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum, and Moisturizing Sorbet Creme to follow shortly. 

You may also find products by Caudalie at Sephora and Murale