Must-Have Body Care Products

I did a post a month ago about my favorite face products. Since then I have received emails requesting if I could compile a list of absolute favorite body care products.

I love so many products and don't have a certain number of products I absolutely need to have. So, I decided to compile a list of products that I find to work very well.

1. Body Scrub - It's nice to use a body scrub once every few days. I read online that you can make your own but I have yet to try that...

True Blue Spa Fresh Foaming Body Buff from Bath and Body $20

2. I always get tired of body wash by the time the bottle is a quarter through, so, I always use different kinds. I alternate between different products and apply whichever depending on my mood. 

A type I could typically use would be...

3. Cream/ Lotion - Like body washes, I have a tendency to get tired of the type, so I don' t have one particular kind I always use. I constantly use and try different products. Ex: I tend to apply a body butter post shower, or at night. During the day before going out, I opt for a lotion that is not thick, and that absorbs quickly.

Example of a body butter I would use 

A Bath & Body Works Body Butter

Example of a lotion I would use

Actually, one cream I always have around is Eucerin's Original Creme. I don't use it all the time, but it is the perfect product to have around when your skin is in need of relief. The texture of the creme is very thick, and it is great for sensitive skin. 

Of course, Vaseline petroleum jelly and Vitamin E gel are always great to have around. 

 4. Hand Cream 

Vichy Lipidose Mains