LUSH: Roots Hair Treatment + Superbalm Scalp Treatment

Want to have healthier hair for 2013?

Roots Healthy Scalp Cream: Fine hair can be finicky, so this treatment is packed full of ingredients to revitalize from root to end.  There’s honey to soften, along with some extra virgin olive oil to strengthen and condition the hair.  Menthol stimulates the scalp and encourages hair to grow to its full length, giving the appearance of thicker hair.  This is one of our founder Mark Constantine’s Trichology creams from the early days when he worked in a salon and really needed to sort people’s hair out.  Roots works on the scalp to make it healthy, which in turn makes hair, strong, shiny and voluminous. How to use: Apply generously to the hair and scalp and gently massage (or have someone do it for you!) and leave it on for 20 minutes.  Gently shampoo out and condition as normal.  Use 3 times a week for a couple of weeks to see real improvement.
Price: $19.95/ 8.4 oz

What we have to say: Gave us volume and shine, while conditioning hair as it worked. No need to follow up with conditioner after! Works well once a week. A spoon sized quanity is enough to work through the length of hair.
The treatment is light and fluffy in texture and proves to soothe itchiness in the scalp caused by the cold weather.

Superbalm for Scalps: This is exactly as the name suggests, a super soothing balm for serious scalp problems.  When there’s build-up on the scalp that can’t be removed by shampooing or dandruff, this is when you NEED Superbalm.  Based on LUSH’s Ultrabalm, this is a type of ointment used in Trichology treatments to soothe eczema, dermatitis and redness.  Coconut oil, chamomile blue and candelilla wax works to soothe and moisturize, while lavender oil is great for skin irritations. (Vegan)  How to use: Take a small amount on your fingertip then gently massage into the scalp – it’s not really for the hair so try to be careful to apply it directly to the scalp.  Leave for about 20 minutes and then wash out, before shampooing and conditioning as normal.
Price: $19.95/ 1.5 oz

What we have to say: Great treatment for those suffering dry scalp. If your scalp is ' well - behaved'  we recommend using it only as a spot treatment when needed. Always great to have in your medicine cabinet especially during the cold season. Convenient size, and pleasant smell.
Tip: Mix the shampoo into the superbalm before getting hair wet

Superbalm Scalp Treatment is more of a spot treatment while Roots Hair Treatment can used all over the scalp and hair. Super Balm is VERY concentrated so a little bit goes a long way!

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