Spot Treatment for Blemishes

blemish control"This super-potent drying treatment rapidly improves breakouts. The tinted color allows you to layer with your daily makeup routine. This treatment contains zinc oxide, sulfur, camphor and salicylic acid for a powerful release." $29

Available at leading spas nationwide and online via www.emerginC.com

A few years ago, I purchased a product like this in Asia and stocked up because I hadn't found one in North America. It is a miracle worker for those blemishes you want gone. 
You can apply it under your make up to work during the day, or leave it on at night and your problem spot will be so much better in the morning. 
This product is for problem areas, for breakouts, and this product was created to dry them out. I recommend only using this product sparingly, as overuse will leave your skin dry. This is a genius product! Highly recommend!