EmerginC Aromatic Cream Tea Cleanser

"The cleanser draws upon the soothing and calming effects of matricaria and the effective antioxidant properties of green tea, white tea and red tea to put power and relaxation in every use.  Aromatic Cream Tea Cleanser also contains hibiscuswhich calms, soothes, and can help with microcirculation."

Price:  $37/ 240 ml
How to Use: Apply on dry skin, massage, rinse 
Active Ingredients: matricaria, green tea, red tea, white tea, rosa centifola
Benefits: Great for sensitive skin. 

This product is ideal for all skin types. It gently cleanses skin making it great for sensitive skin. This cleanser is infused with green, red, white teas used to remove dirt, make up, excess oil. 
EmerginC is formulated with natural plant-based preservatives and is paraben free. There are no artificial colors and their products do not test on animals. 
We highly recommend this product. It feels great. It smoothly wipes away make up, and is gentle to remove with warm water and a cloth. The aromatic smell enlightens your senses and leaves your skin feeling soft and free of residue. 
We can see why their products are available at spas!

Available at leading spas nationwide and online via www.emerginC.com