Santalia Daily Balancing Serum

"Before summer begins, get your skin beach-ready with the help of natural and effective Sandalwood. Sandalwood has been prized for centuries for its cleansing and healing properties and is a key ingredient in Santalia skincare.

New to the US, Santalia’s line of skincare products are an effective natural treatment to clear, calm and smooth skin. Scientific testing demonstrates that Sandalwood oil is several times more effective in controlling bacteria, stopping inflammation and even restoring balance to the skin than Tea Tree Oil.

The Santalia Daily Balancing Serum is the perfect combat for oily skin and breakouts. Its lightweight formula, a unique mixture of organic Sandalwood oilKakadu Plum or Australian bush food, Lemon Myrtlelaminaria digitata and zinc  helps counteract excess sebum (oily matter in the skin) production, decongests clogged pores and fights blemishes.

The benzyl peroxide, sulfate, artificial fragrance, dye and preservative-free serum leaves skin clear, stable and balanced."

This serum leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It heals and prevents, and is made from an natural blend of sandalwood oil.

The Santalia Daily Balancing Serum retails for $34.95 and is available for purchase online via www.santaliashop.com.