LUSH: Sea Spray and Herbalism Facial Cleanser

"Fair Hair Fixes: Frizz is the arch nemesis for women with wavy and curly hair; it can make the greatest haircut look messy and unpolished. Even tame tresses can take on a life of their own when humidity levels rise appearing frizzy, limp or flat. But, with the right products for your hair type you can keep frizz & flatness at bay. Check out a LUSH-ious hair solution:"

Sea Spray ($12.95): A salty hair spritz for body, hold, and a beach-beautiful look.Apply before blow-drying, apply to dry hair and work through for beachy waves, or apply to damp hair for instant sex appeal.

This easy to use, effective, gentle product keeps your hair light while styling it to give you a beachy look. It gives you shine and texture with little effort. It is a great product for short hair as well. You can apply it on damp or dry hair, and mist it like you would hairspray, then scrunch it up a little. This product will leave you with a great scent as well! 
Featured Ingredient: Grapefruit Oil. 

"Adult Acne: Not a teenager but still suffering from acne flare-ups? LUSH has several skin savers that are perfect for acne flare-ups, especially during the sweat-laden summer months that typically cause more break outs!"

Herbalism Facial Cleanser (Sold by weight, $15.75 for 100g): A detoxifying, purifying and exfoliating herbal facial cleanser that is formulated for oily, sensitive skin and decongests clogged pores. It contains China clay to remove excess oil, ground almonds and rice bran to exfoliate dead skin cells. Along with sage, an antibacterial, chamomile, to calm troubled skin and marigold, to soothe inflammation. (Vegan)

This product keeps your acne at away,  leaving your skin soft without the grease. To use you have to dampen your face with warm water, use a pea-sized amount adding water. Apply using small circular motions. Rinse and dry. 
Featured ingredients: Nettle, Rosemary, Rice Vinegar Extract. 

Be sure to stop by a store to find these products or visit LUSH online at: www.lush.ca