BAGGU Summer 2013

"When we designed the Knapsack, we wanted to make a bag that would comfortably carry a heavy load without making you feel like you were in grade-school again. (And without literally feeling your books, laptop or gear digging into your back.)

We were inspired by the simplicity of 70's mountaineering gear. Those backpacks came in muted hues and were beautiful in their basic forms, but were still completely utilitarian and functioned phenomenally. Combining that feeling of minimalism with modern features like a padded pocket for your laptop, and an interior cell phone pocket resulted in the Knapsack. It’s a heavy duty bag that wears well but feels simple and modern. All the neccessities, with no extra stuff.

The Knapsack retails for $64.00. Will be available for purchase August 5, 2013, on BAGGU.com, and retailers nationwide and internationally.

Every girl in our office is counting down the days until this tote gets released. Says creative director Ellen Vanderlaan “we based the shape of this bag on the cotton totes that are carried by mostly, well, everyone in New York and Brooklyn – the bags you get from a bookstore, record store or event. They usually have a screenprint on them. They’re as simple as a bag could be, but they sit on your shoulder perfectly, and they hold everything you’d need for the day really nicely.”

Taking that simple shape, and combining it with their ultra soft and supple leather, the BAGGU Basic Tote came to be. In eight rich jewel tones, the bag colors were inspired by the rich, ultra saturated hues of painter Mark Rothko. With one interior pocket, that fits a phone or keys.

Available July 8th on BAGGU.com and retailers nationwide and internationally. Totes will retail for $160.00.