LUSH: Halloween Treats

Skip the candy and head to LUSH for some Halloween Treats!

What: Twilight Shower Gel (Limited Edition)

Price: $29.95

"Much to our showering delight, Twilight shower gel is back this holiday season! We just couldn’t get through the winter without lathering up in this fan favorite from last year. Inspired by our best-selling Twilight Bath Bomb, our iridescent purple body wash has the same comforting lavender and sweet tonka fragrance that has fast become a can’t-live-without LUSH scent. Lather up in a hot shower before bed and you’ll be ready to drift off to dreamland."

LUSH shower gels are made with fresh, natural ingredients, with very little water. A little product will go a long way! Lathering is key. Also works very well as a shampoo. 
This product smells amazing. One of our favorite LUSH scents so far - so relaxing and it is a nice deep fragrance- perfect as the weather is cooling down and heading towards winter. Stock up because it is only available for the holidays!

What: Pumpkin Bubble Bar (Limited Edition!)

Price: $5.95

"Crumble this mischievous little character into the tub to lavish yourself in mounds of cozy bubbles and soft, beautiful orange waters on a cool autumn night. Pumkin shares its earthy, floral fragrance with our year-round Figs and Leaves soap!"

This is such an adorable bubble bar that we highly recommend! Each Pumpkin is handmade and has an earthy floral fragrance that leaves you smelling fresh. The water turns into a nice shade of orange, and doesn't leave your tub stained.  The bubbles are amazing and the smell is invigorating. It also makes such a fun decorative Halloween piece before its used!

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